Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kaleb's first letter from the MTC!

Okay.  I'll be honest this week was the hardest week of my entire life. I missed my family so much. However, my branch President is AMAZING. He talked me through it all and I decided that I was going to stop having a pity party and turn everything to the Lord. It has helped like you wouldn't know. I have been so happy in the last few days and I know I can do this!

I am in love with my little monkey :) I sleep with it every night and show him off to all my roommates. I love that you got one too. It make it that much better!! You are awesome to think of that. I has hugged it pretty tight it really works. I really decided that I would like Dear Elder over emails. I can get them through out the week and they are physical things that I can look over through the week. So if it isn't to much of a bother could you tell people that is how I would prefer it?

Okay package: I really need a glasses cleaner kit. I wear them a lot and they are always dirty. So that would be cool. SNACKS! After we get to our rooms I really need something to snack on i get a bit hungry at night. Like goldfish or cheese balls or those fruit snacks things that are like gum but not? I can't remember the name but yeah I would love those.

The language in so weird. I can pray and have taught 3 lesson completely in Swedish. Its so weird cause I get mad i don't know more and just have to remind myself it has been only 6 days. But I am learning to love to learn. I was so glad to hear about your teaching! I put your name on the prayer role and I know the Lord blessed you. That is another reason I am here! For you guys!! To be honest I have learned a ton but it is so hard to want to teach something or tell an investigator that a huge testimony but I just can't cause he speaks only Swedish. Other than that it is awesome!

Thank you so much for your letter on Dear Elder, that got me to here. It was so hard to keep going having nothing to go off of (Other than the 20 little notes all throughout my bag, that I read like 60 times :) You aren't the only one crying, I have cried to my district like 5 times and they just listen and offer support, they are so amazing. Well I love you if you Dear Elder me I will write during the week!
I LOVE YOU don't be sad cause this is where is should be! 
Love you, 
Aldste Farnworth

Okay I have a bit more time. PLEASE tell Natalie THANK YOU FOR THE DONUTS. I CRIED WHEN I GOT THOSE. MY DISTRICT IS IN LOVE WITH HER.  The District is so awesome, my comp is really cool, Its hard to be with someone this much, but we are pretty straight forward when it comes to telling each other when something bugs us. He is quiet and I do most the talking. But he makes me listen and teaching me so much. I love him.
Well I will write, tell me more about school! How is my tree? Tree is Swedish is Tred, he spent like 10 hrs a day in a ill lit classroom so we worship nature during our breaks and walks, it so funny. we pick flowers and hang them. I will take pictures of everything, when I get my camera back (I am sorry again...don't hate me! :) *Camera was dropped and stepped on and broken on the 5th day in the MTC
I really am starting to Love it here, already things are happening that I know come from God. When I speak with Peter (our (fake) investigator) i just have the spirit and the lord guides me! I am going to the Marriott Center tomorrow to sing in the choir.  I love the Choir here!  My comp doesn't, but he goes for me.
Okay got to go!
Love YOU!
Kaleb already looks older!

Mission Tags in Swedish

Thanks Aunt Natalie for the donuts!!!


Kaleb's District

Kaleb and his comp and the Sisters

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elder Farnworth enters the Provo MTC on August 21st, 2013

We had a great morning with Kaleb and then took him to the MTC at 1:00.  It was pretty emotional to send him off for 2 years, but we are so proud of him and his decision to serve.  We are excited to hear from him about all of his experienced in the MTC.

Saying good-bye to home and famiy

Breakfast with the fam
Spending time by the Provo Temple as a family

My little big brother Jacob

Here we go..the good-bye's



A final wave good-bye
 We are so sad to have Kaleb leave us, but we know he will bless the lives of those he serves.  Good Luck Elder Farnworth, we send you love and happiness with you in your adventure.

Kaleb is set apart as an Elder on Tuesday Night, Aug 20, 2013

It's official, Kaleb is a missionary!  
Pres Douglas, Jordan, Dave, Kaleb, Grandpa, and Patrick

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kaleb's Farewell-August 9th, 2013

Stockholm Sweden Mission
I love my family
Saying goodbye to friends..

Kaleb's Mission Call

On March 27th 2013, Kaleb received his mission call.  What an exciting moment it was!

Where in the world is Kaleb going on his mission?
Stockholm, SWEDEN!!!  Reporting in the MTC on August 21st