Monday, July 28, 2014

Pure Bliss (7/28/14)

The two words I would use to describe this week would be probably be: Pure Bliss. I am starting to get a little worried, I am really having such a great time that I feel like there has to be something waiting in the future somewhere, but at the same time, I am having such a great time I don't think I care if there is something there. I am just grateful for the now and present. I said goodbye to Elder Gentillon on Wednesday and started the adventure with Elder Bilodeau! He is a great guy! The next day we went on Splits so I said goodbye to Elder Bilodeau and spent the day with Elder Forsyth.  He is my new Zone Leader. It was pretty funny to spend the first day of a transfer without your new companion. But it was way chill with Elder Forsyth, he is way cool guy and a good Missionary. 

Last dinner with Elder Gentillon! Love this family!

First Dinner with Elder Bilodeau!

This is our new district. We are pretty good looking.

We spent Elder Bilodeau first full day in Gävle moving a member. It was quite the experience, to say the least. We were with a member named Pelle, but we all refer to him as "Sam the Man." He is really cool and made the whole day really a lot of fun. That took up a lot of time, but it was really nice to be able to serve that family and do something that helped them out. The ward was really amazing as well. They were all there and really willing to help. We were able to be quick and efficient.  

After that I had a very bad experience... on my bike. We were in a hurry to the the bus stop and we were really booking it, so if you can imagine me standing up on the bike and pedaling so crazy fast. Then out of no where, my chain on my bike breaks! My whole balance was thrown off and I was also thrown off my bike. I got a lot of scratches but I called Sofie, who is super awesome and lives pretty close to us and she meet us outside will all the  Band-Aids I could ever need. It was really awesome. So then we got back on the bikes after fixing them and hurry and made it for the next bus which only made us a little late to our teach!  It was quite the night. Then we ended the whole night with Innebandy, which is very quickly becoming my favorite sport. You will have to YouTube it or something and see what is it like. I am really get into it and it makes the entire week a little better to be able to play that! 

After Innebandy selfie... We are the best. 

Then to end the week right we had Church. It has been so hot here in Gävle, because having such short summers usually there is no Air Conditioning, so the church building just heats up hotter and hotter as the day get hotter. So yesterday, it was really hot and they actually shortened church by a hour. I thought it was a little bit of overkill but it was like 32 degrees so I was fine with this solution. We went to the Jonsson's and the Sjökvist for dinner and dessert that night and they were just so freaking great! I love this place!

Fika for Peter Sjökvist Birthday! 

I can't wait for the heat to leave and to have winter again. I know I sound terrible but summers are a lot different as a missionary and they aren't as fun. The biggest thing that I missed from home this week was SWIMMING. Oh man, I would give my left leg to jump into the ocean or a pool. The heat is starting to get to me! 

Oh a spiritual note, we had a really great lesson with a less active this week. She was something that I had never met with I just called and she invited us over. As we were there she was telling us her story about why she can't come to church right now. She has a pretty demanding job, jobs are very hard to find here in Gävle and often times are they very time consuming. However, she told us this amazing mercy that she received this last week that really strengthened my testimony. She has been looking for a new job and just out of the blue, she got a call from a hospital that offered a job that would allow her to come to church on Sunday. She was sure it was answer to her many prayers! She starts in the middle of August and is greatly looking forward to being able to come to church again. In the meantime we are going to be coming through the week to give her and her family the gospel. She was so great and her faith was amazing to me. I am so happy to be able to be apart of this work. It is going fast and I am just running my fastest to keep up. I am so thankful for it all though!

I have not met the new Mission President, like have a interview with him or anything but I think we will be doing that soon. It should be great! He is so good and from the interactions that I have had with him, he seems like the wonderful guy and I am very excited to meet him and work with him! We have a great week ahead of us! 

An absolute amazing lunch a member took us too! 

I just had to.

I am excited and I am thankful for all of the prayers that being offered in my behalf. I love you all so much! 

Äldste Farnworth

Attitude is the Key to Life. (7/21/14)

We can just start this week off with a really funny moment that happened at church yesterday! I was holding someone baby and it started to cry and I was talking so I just squatted down to put her down and all of a sudden there was a loud sound and my pants got really loose. Luckily, no one heard or noticed but my pants ripped all the way down the butt seam. It was terrible and it church was starting in like 5 minutes. So I grab Elder Gentillon, showed him the rip and we were walking home in a matter of minutes. Good think I had another pair of pants and the switch was nice and smooth and ended up making for a good conversation starter for the rest of the day! So there you go! 

My ripped pants... Awkward picture.
Maybe this is to much for the blog... But I think it is so funny. 

We got transfer calls on Saturday... and I am staying! Elder Gentillon is be transferred to Jönköping as a Zone Leader and I am getting another older missionary! Which I love, I just keep learning so much! I don't know why I was so scared about leaving I have barely been here for a month I just love this area so much it is insane! I honestly look forward to Sunday more than ever before in my life! I love seeing and being with all the members of this great branch! The youth is just amazing. I really feel like they are just all becoming my best friends so quickly! I am really hoping that they feel the same way! We are really trying to make a strong effort to have a lot of church involvement in their lives. It is a little hard, I think growing up in Sweden as a youth. For most of them, the only contact they have with Mormons is at church on Sunday and other activities we have. One of those activities Family Home Evening on Monday, we do some awesome stuff! Tonight we will be playing Mini Golf in the park so that should be awesome!

Playing Volleyball on P day with some people in the branch!

This week we saw a huge miracle take place! It was awesome! So at Zone Conference a few weeks ago we were talking as a Zone about the important of not only seeing baptism as our goal here in Sweden but widening our goal and see the Temple as the next step! So they gave us time as a companionship to go away and pray and decide together with The Lord one non-member we would like to help reach the temple and one member that is either never been or is less-active. We felt really strongly about both and made our decision and then prayed and I really felt the spirit strongly present. We went on with our week and the next Sunday we went to our member that we had chosen and simply asked him if the temple was something that we wanted to set as a goal and something we could work with him on. He answer was simple and clear: No. We were a little confused and just a little bummed. 

The week went on and one day when we were opening church, like we do every week. He walked into the church, which wasn't out of the normal or anything. He likes to be at the church a lot to play on the computers and such. So I went in and talked to him asking him about this or that. Then the idea to ask him if we could look at his Family History, came to me. So we asked him and he told us that he had done a lot of it a while ago. So we pushed him to log in and it was amazing what we found! Tons of his family that had NO temple work completed! He is a convert of only about 5 years so it wasn't a huge surprise but we got very serious and we explained that they were all waiting in Heaven for the work that only we have here on the earth to do, and that it needed to take place in the Temple. 

There was a change. Suddenly, he was open to the Temple. He asked if we could come over later in the evening and go over the Temple Recommend questions. It was amazing. The branch is having a temple trip soon in August so he is planning on attending that. It was such a real way to see that The Lord is really here and a part of the work. He listens to prayers and not only that but he answers and acts. What an amazing thought that is. To know that.

One last thing, we met with a investigator this week, that wasn't very positive, in fact he was very negative. However, when he would talk and try to point out all the flaws of the church and basically trying to create doubt in our heads. But to be honest it did nothing but strength my faith. It gave me so much joy that I had such a knowledge of a Father in Heaven that really is there and that listens and helps us all through life. I have gained such a testimony of this on my mission and it is honestly priceless. I am so eternally grateful for that. 

Nothing but good this week! Even ripping my pants gave me a good laugh. Attitude is the key to life.
Getting my Swedish Haircut!

Fika people... It's awesome

Sister Larson Funeral, she lives on Wednesday!

I hope you all have a great week! I miss you all a little and I love you all a lot!

Äldste Farnworth

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Gävle Crew is pretty amazing. (7/14/14)

Well I feel like I am writing this blog post a lot. The weeks are just flying by. I can't believe I am just 6 weeks shy of being at my YEAR MARK. What the what? That just doesn't make logical sense in my mind. However, I do welcome it and I am very excited to have another whole year doing what I love and serving the Lord! I love this area like so much. It is sorta unfair all the other missionaries in Sweden that don't get the chance to serve here. I just love it so much! The branch is amazing. One of my biggest highlights of ever week is church. They are really good at speaking here and just the social part is becoming so great! I love the people here! 

Whether it is at church or dancing in the park.. We always have a blast. 

Let me tell you why this area is also great, I am going to brag for a little here, but not so much about me but the members here. I have heard a lot about how often you get fed as a missionary in Utah, and a lot of people told me that I would hardly get fed in Sweden cause it wasn't the States or whatever.. This week Elder Gentillon and I were fed from members or investigator EVERY night this week and two days we also got lunch. It was so much fun and really awesome. I am not really trying to make anyone feel bad I just thought that it was awesome to have that happen and I want everyone to know that these members rock!

These are Swedish natural candy. Smultron. So good.

Swedish Nature wins the prize!! It is the best!

I finally have pictures of the apartment for you mother. I will send them those along as well. They don't really serve the apartment justice. It makes it look a little crappy, but the atmosphere of the place is the selling feature. I really has a good mood and it really feels like a 'man cave' Which in a way it is. There is a pretty strict No Girls Allowed policy. haha I like it a lot and with our bed its a little hard to complain about.  

I talked with the Mission President this week over the phone, we write to him ever week and was wondering a few things about my email that I had written but we ended up talking for a while, side note, I really love him. He is a great guy and I am really excited to get to know him more. 

We have this member who is having his friend live with him while she is looking for a place to stay, she is really cool and we usual go and teach him something every week so instead we have been meeting with him and her and she is now a investigator. She is really cool and really positive! I really like her. Teaching her is really fun! We don't have a ton of investigators here, but I am not worried with a little bit of hard work it should be great in no time at all!

 Concert in the middle of town, then meeting the main singer at a bus stop! So cool!

Chilling with Sister Hill on a hot Monday.

 African Fufu... It was interesting to say the least. 

We're on a boat.

The Gävle crew is pretty amazing. 

This one is a little lame I am sorry, we don't have so much time today and I am little unfocused. I can end with a spiritual thought though. I have been reading in The Book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon, and I was reading about the war that is happening and how Mormon is leading the army until they become to wicked, then he refuses to lead them anymore until they repent. It was cool because we can liken that today with the people we hang out with. We are be with them and be around them until they do things that would be damaging for us. Then we need to be responsible and realize what is going to be the best thing for us to do, stay or go. However, it is a little interesting that he comes back and lead them in their wickedness again. He sees that they need him to strengthen them and help them return to Christ. We need to be sure that we are always in a strong place ourselves but need to also know that we need to help those who have fallen return to Christ. Everyone deserves a second chance! I don't know if that even made sense but I think it did. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week! I miss you all so much! 

Äldste Farnworth

Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome President Beckstrand! (7/7/14)

The adventure continues! This week was crazy! Like almost like none other on my mission! Normally I will have one or two days in the a week that I am running around and feeling mostly like my head is cut off... But this week was like everyday was crazy and busy. It was awesome. I wish every week is gonna be like this! We just really used our time wisely this week and now I am so tired I don't even know what to think! 

Of course... #FamilyNightSelfie

Well I guess I can start with all the Mission President craziness. Last week we had the good bye Conference for President and Syster Newell, it was really good that actually made a goodbye video and this anyone can watch it. I am not in it but a bunch of missionaries are. Here is the link:

It is a really funny, and good video. I think it is pretty safe to say that The Sweden Stockholm mission will miss them, the conference was a lot of fun though. I love being in Stockholm with all of the missionaries. It is like just being with all of your friends! I love it.Welcome President Beckst So that was last week and then this week we went to Stockholm and (I know we are there a lot, I really like it) and the second time we met the new President and his Wife and they are just awesome. Totally different from the Newell's, not saying in anyway that is why they are awesome they are just so cool in their own way! It is really cool. President Beckstrand is a really "down home folk" so they said. They were really funny and just had so much energy that they brought to the meeting! It was really fun and really cool to see. I am really looking forward to working with him! Syster Beckstrand is also just awesome, she told an amazing story about how Obedient Missionaries changed her life, that is something that was key for them. Obedience. Which was really cool, I am excited to get to know her more as well. Overall, I would give them a A+. 

Father and Son reunited!

Elder Hills!... and Elder Kiikko and Sister Anderson

It's Stockholm! When we get into Stockholm, we always act like the biggest tourist ever. It is pretty funny.  

Life is just moving forward here. I just have to make sure I can keep up! Yes we are riding bikes. It is a lot of fun and actually a ton faster than the bus, also gives us a little more freedom so that is always good! WE just ride the bike maybe once or twice a week. Mostly to the church. We live right in the middle of town. So it is really nice location to just bike around for little stuff, but for visiting people we take buses.  I finally got the bag that I ordered! I will take a picture of it and send that as well. The last bag I had just was a piece of junk and it is amazing to see what a nice back is like. Plus there was a small problem with my last bag and a camp fire we had... The smoke made it stink so bad we couldn't even have it in the apartment. So I had to just go back-packless for a few days, which was really sad but what can you do? I love the new one though! 

Green bag!

The people that we live under (It a house and the basement is our apartment left us a little treat for the fourth of July, It was really nice of them! Good treat to come home too! We had a little party for the 4th of July, Daniel our Investigator is going to be staying Stockholm for a few weeks, so it was really awesome that we were able to be there so much! We met up with him and with some other missionaries we went and got some ice cream and then went to the water and just hung out waiting for some people trains to leave. Then we went to dinner and we had a really fun night. We are really working with Daniel to stop smoking. He is really doing so freaking good and he is really fun to work with. I love it, we really got along quickly we have the same type of humor so it is really funny, even when I get mad at him so smoking. 

Daniel and a whole bunch of Missionaries! Tons of 4th of July fun!

One other thing that we do that is really fun is on Saturday we play Innebandy! It is like awesome Swedish game, I guess it could be compared to Floor Hockey but it is so much fun. I tried to have Sister Hill take picture but it pretty hard seeing that we are running around the whole time. Here you go anyways:

It's a ton of fun!

My life is crazy, but honestly back home you all seem just as crazy! I hope you are having a great summer! I loved the pictures and I love all of you! You just have to wait a little longer and then I will finish my 2nd Journal then I will be sending them home! I have written one page in that EVERY night of my mission! So you will get a little insight as to what is happening everyday! It is really cool.  Anyways just a thought! LOVE YOU!

Äldste Farnworth

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My last pic with President and Sister Newell (6/30/14)

My last picure with President and Sister Newell!!  Sad to see them go
Well this week has been amazing, the branch is Gävle is just amazing and it is very quickly beginning to feel like home here. I have only been here about 9 days and it feels like a lot more than that! Elder Gentillon is really awesome and that makes the work a lot more fun and enjoyable! We are working well together and setting some goals to make us as effective as possible! It is amazing how much a transfer can completely refuel the fire to work and really give you a new energy. I am loving it here. I can't really remember what I said last week but the branch here is a really good size. I really am try to learn everyone's name and let me tell you, it is a lot easier when there is only 15-30 people, But I am determined. Every Sunday is (the last two) really awesome. I just go around asking people what their names are. 
We have this investigator, his name is Daniel and he is really the coolest guy, last Monday we went out into the middle of no where with him to go and and shoot bows and arrows, it was so awesome! We had a really good time, evening though it was POURING. Like the weather in the last few weeks have just been the worst, it is cold and rain all the time. Where did the beautiful Swedish summer go? I hope it get better soon! But yeah, we were in the forest so it wasn't to bad and he has this really cool spot that is pretty shaded. Then he is like a big wilderness man, so he built a fire and it was awesome. I have some really cool pictures that I will get to you guys. So that was a awesome way to start it off here. He is a way cool guy, kinda a rough back round but he is really changing his life so he can be closer to God, he has come a long way and just has a little bit more to go until he can be baptized! So I am so excited to be working with him. He is awesome, he is going to Stockholm though for a month or so! That is another thing that is crazy, so everyone in Sweden gets like 6 weeks average of 'time off' from work. Most of them just take it all at once. Like they just don't work for 6 weeks in the Summer, So that is a little crazy. No one is working right now and it is just like happy time for everyone! So yeah, Daniel will be in Stockholm for a while but we are planning on meeting with him this week when we are down there! I am so stolked, it is going to be awesome!
Me and Daniel in the forest.

Robin Hood. What can I say I am a beast? 

So there is this family that I translated for on the first Sunday that I was here and they are just quickly becoming my best friends here. It is this guy and his wife from Albania. They don't speak much Swedish so I usually just follow them around and translate for them, it is awesome. Yesterday they brought this other family with them to church! It was amazing. They can't speak English or Swedish. So we took them in the back room and taught them and the members from Albania translated for us, it was so cool. Like just that the gospel was able to be given to this people even though they could not speak my language. It was really cool. They have no religious back round so we are starting from the beginning. Which is really cool. We compared the love that Heavenly Father has for them, the love the that they have for their children and I couldn't understand what they were saying but it was very clear that they were feeling the Holy Spirit and it was testifying of the truths that we were teaching them. It was a great moment for me, I look forward to getting to know and helping this take part of this amazing, life changing gospel. 

Well another thing about this area that is a huge plus is the apartment! It is a lot smaller and stuff but the beds are Full Size. So Pretty much that alone just sells the whole place for me. Twin size beds are for a child, I can't even imagine what is like for those are aren't so small like me! I am very happy with the living arrangements we have here. I biked for the first time on my mission, today actually! It was awesome. I haven't even had bikes in any of my area before so that was really cool. I just am happy and loving life. 

I just want to tell you all that the Lord is there. He is there and he is listening. He loves us in ways that we as humans can't even understand that love he has for us. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the love and gift that he has given us. I love him and I know he loves us. 

I hope you all have a great week and just know that I am praying for you! Love you and pray for the missionaries and our investigators, they need our prayers! 

Äldste Farnworth
Me and Sister Hill in Stockholm

Swedish Art... oh and a cool a wavy thing. haha :)

The whole gang at the temple.. #groupie
Me and Sister Modersitzki at the Temple... #selfie