Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome President Beckstrand! (7/7/14)

The adventure continues! This week was crazy! Like almost like none other on my mission! Normally I will have one or two days in the a week that I am running around and feeling mostly like my head is cut off... But this week was like everyday was crazy and busy. It was awesome. I wish every week is gonna be like this! We just really used our time wisely this week and now I am so tired I don't even know what to think! 

Of course... #FamilyNightSelfie

Well I guess I can start with all the Mission President craziness. Last week we had the good bye Conference for President and Syster Newell, it was really good that actually made a goodbye video and this anyone can watch it. I am not in it but a bunch of missionaries are. Here is the link:

It is a really funny, and good video. I think it is pretty safe to say that The Sweden Stockholm mission will miss them, the conference was a lot of fun though. I love being in Stockholm with all of the missionaries. It is like just being with all of your friends! I love it.Welcome President Beckst So that was last week and then this week we went to Stockholm and (I know we are there a lot, I really like it) and the second time we met the new President and his Wife and they are just awesome. Totally different from the Newell's, not saying in anyway that is why they are awesome they are just so cool in their own way! It is really cool. President Beckstrand is a really "down home folk" so they said. They were really funny and just had so much energy that they brought to the meeting! It was really fun and really cool to see. I am really looking forward to working with him! Syster Beckstrand is also just awesome, she told an amazing story about how Obedient Missionaries changed her life, that is something that was key for them. Obedience. Which was really cool, I am excited to get to know her more as well. Overall, I would give them a A+. 

Father and Son reunited!

Elder Hills!... and Elder Kiikko and Sister Anderson

It's Stockholm! When we get into Stockholm, we always act like the biggest tourist ever. It is pretty funny.  

Life is just moving forward here. I just have to make sure I can keep up! Yes we are riding bikes. It is a lot of fun and actually a ton faster than the bus, also gives us a little more freedom so that is always good! WE just ride the bike maybe once or twice a week. Mostly to the church. We live right in the middle of town. So it is really nice location to just bike around for little stuff, but for visiting people we take buses.  I finally got the bag that I ordered! I will take a picture of it and send that as well. The last bag I had just was a piece of junk and it is amazing to see what a nice back is like. Plus there was a small problem with my last bag and a camp fire we had... The smoke made it stink so bad we couldn't even have it in the apartment. So I had to just go back-packless for a few days, which was really sad but what can you do? I love the new one though! 

Green bag!

The people that we live under (It a house and the basement is our apartment left us a little treat for the fourth of July, It was really nice of them! Good treat to come home too! We had a little party for the 4th of July, Daniel our Investigator is going to be staying Stockholm for a few weeks, so it was really awesome that we were able to be there so much! We met up with him and with some other missionaries we went and got some ice cream and then went to the water and just hung out waiting for some people trains to leave. Then we went to dinner and we had a really fun night. We are really working with Daniel to stop smoking. He is really doing so freaking good and he is really fun to work with. I love it, we really got along quickly we have the same type of humor so it is really funny, even when I get mad at him so smoking. 

Daniel and a whole bunch of Missionaries! Tons of 4th of July fun!

One other thing that we do that is really fun is on Saturday we play Innebandy! It is like awesome Swedish game, I guess it could be compared to Floor Hockey but it is so much fun. I tried to have Sister Hill take picture but it pretty hard seeing that we are running around the whole time. Here you go anyways:

It's a ton of fun!

My life is crazy, but honestly back home you all seem just as crazy! I hope you are having a great summer! I loved the pictures and I love all of you! You just have to wait a little longer and then I will finish my 2nd Journal then I will be sending them home! I have written one page in that EVERY night of my mission! So you will get a little insight as to what is happening everyday! It is really cool.  Anyways just a thought! LOVE YOU!

Äldste Farnworth

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