Friday, July 25, 2014

The Gävle Crew is pretty amazing. (7/14/14)

Well I feel like I am writing this blog post a lot. The weeks are just flying by. I can't believe I am just 6 weeks shy of being at my YEAR MARK. What the what? That just doesn't make logical sense in my mind. However, I do welcome it and I am very excited to have another whole year doing what I love and serving the Lord! I love this area like so much. It is sorta unfair all the other missionaries in Sweden that don't get the chance to serve here. I just love it so much! The branch is amazing. One of my biggest highlights of ever week is church. They are really good at speaking here and just the social part is becoming so great! I love the people here! 

Whether it is at church or dancing in the park.. We always have a blast. 

Let me tell you why this area is also great, I am going to brag for a little here, but not so much about me but the members here. I have heard a lot about how often you get fed as a missionary in Utah, and a lot of people told me that I would hardly get fed in Sweden cause it wasn't the States or whatever.. This week Elder Gentillon and I were fed from members or investigator EVERY night this week and two days we also got lunch. It was so much fun and really awesome. I am not really trying to make anyone feel bad I just thought that it was awesome to have that happen and I want everyone to know that these members rock!

These are Swedish natural candy. Smultron. So good.

Swedish Nature wins the prize!! It is the best!

I finally have pictures of the apartment for you mother. I will send them those along as well. They don't really serve the apartment justice. It makes it look a little crappy, but the atmosphere of the place is the selling feature. I really has a good mood and it really feels like a 'man cave' Which in a way it is. There is a pretty strict No Girls Allowed policy. haha I like it a lot and with our bed its a little hard to complain about.  

I talked with the Mission President this week over the phone, we write to him ever week and was wondering a few things about my email that I had written but we ended up talking for a while, side note, I really love him. He is a great guy and I am really excited to get to know him more. 

We have this member who is having his friend live with him while she is looking for a place to stay, she is really cool and we usual go and teach him something every week so instead we have been meeting with him and her and she is now a investigator. She is really cool and really positive! I really like her. Teaching her is really fun! We don't have a ton of investigators here, but I am not worried with a little bit of hard work it should be great in no time at all!

 Concert in the middle of town, then meeting the main singer at a bus stop! So cool!

Chilling with Sister Hill on a hot Monday.

 African Fufu... It was interesting to say the least. 

We're on a boat.

The Gävle crew is pretty amazing. 

This one is a little lame I am sorry, we don't have so much time today and I am little unfocused. I can end with a spiritual thought though. I have been reading in The Book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon, and I was reading about the war that is happening and how Mormon is leading the army until they become to wicked, then he refuses to lead them anymore until they repent. It was cool because we can liken that today with the people we hang out with. We are be with them and be around them until they do things that would be damaging for us. Then we need to be responsible and realize what is going to be the best thing for us to do, stay or go. However, it is a little interesting that he comes back and lead them in their wickedness again. He sees that they need him to strengthen them and help them return to Christ. We need to be sure that we are always in a strong place ourselves but need to also know that we need to help those who have fallen return to Christ. Everyone deserves a second chance! I don't know if that even made sense but I think it did. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week! I miss you all so much! 

Äldste Farnworth

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