Monday, February 23, 2015

We have been having a good time (2/23/15)

we are so healthy we are
making these!
WE have been having a good time though. Saying goodbye in Hägersten was hard but that was expected. Like I really learned to love that place and the people there became such good friends. In the last 2 days that we were there, we probably had about 8 appointments just running around and saying goodbyes! It was crazy, but I would have not changed it at all. Then I had to submit to the worst part of Transfers. Packing. Oh how I hate that with everything in me. I hate it so much. This time was terrible, being in Stockholm for so long I quickly realized that I have a LOT of stuff. Like I have no idea how it came to be so much but to make a long story short, It didn't all fit AT FIRST but rest assure that after a few tries and a lot of frustration... The bags were packed. However, I am not sure how I will get all of this crap home. But that is for the future Kaleb to be concerned about.

The first few days in a new area are really relaxing actually, you basically are like a child. You don't know anyone, you don't know how to get around and you just get to follow. It was a nice change from the last 5 months of my mission and I think that I will like it here a lot. Elder Jones, is the new companion and he is really cool. We seem to get a lot great and we joke a ton with each other. Which makes the work a lot better. 

There seems to be a lot going on and I am really excited to get going on it all. WE have a good amount of investigators and that is always good. The ward is HUGE. I actually got nervous last Sunday when I had to give my testimony for a lot of people. It was something totally new... I don't know how I am going to handle a Utah ward. Probably just freak. Another problem for future Kaleb. 

This is the lake by our house.
Classic Selfie
I am really doing good otherwise. I love the apartment. The whole city is by a big lake and we live on the lake. Like I kid you not, it goes: Our apartment, the road, the lake. So we have a good view. It will probably be better when the weather like stops being all rainy and sad all the time. But I am still like really enjoying the feeling of living on the beach! I haven't taken too many pictures but we have a few!

Have a great week! I hope you all are doing great.

Love you!

Äldste Farnworth

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thank you for all the great memories, Hägersten! (2/16/15)

Sweden is ridiculously cool.
Well this week has actually been a great week. The work is really moving forward and our investigators are finally moving into the "progressing" category, which of course, makes everything a little more enjoyable. This is Elder Gray's last week in the field and I think we do it justice! We had a great time. We have really got some good standing in Hägersten. It is a bummer we will both be leaving. He is ju going home and I am going to Jönköping! To start a new adventure. Before you try to pronounce that name and you just destroy I will try to give you a guide. Yun-shuh-ping. It is a really nice and big ward. So that will be cool and different. It is funny because my first area, Skövde, covered the west side of the big lake, the 2nd area, Linköping, covered the East and Jönköping covers the South. I am starting to see a pattern here! It should be an awesome time there, I am very excited.

This is Diego.
          We had a rocking party in Hägersten on Friday! It was a valentines party and like honestly there was almost more not members then there were members... Okay maybe that is a stretch but there was a lot of non-members! We had a great time. Towards the end, they started playing some awesome dance music and I lost it. We had a dance party, it was awesome because all the non-members were like from Chile. So we had a pretty great fiesta! It was like a lot of fun, I didn't take any pictures so that sucked but you will just have to imagine the awesomeness. 

Where we ate lunch, Kaknästornet. We ate at the
very top!
On Saturday we had an AWESOME day. Like seriously, we switched our P day so that we could spend the day with Sofia from Linköping. That was the best, we went to the ABBA museum and that was the funnest thing ever! We spent a good amount of time there doing a bunch of stuff, we even went up on stage and sung Mamma Mia for the audience! The Swedes loved us. I was borne for the stage... haha Elder Grey came up too and it was like really funny. I have a video but you will have to wait 6 months to see that!  We then ate like this amazing restaurant. It was so cool and that you will be able to see pictures of! I will send some soon. 

With the last day in church it was full of emotions and sadness. But I definitely trust the Lord a lot more. I am going into the dark again. I don't really know where I am going but I trust the Lord, he is good. I love it! 

Well have a great week! Next week, I'll be in Jönköping! 
I really miss you all and I hope that everythng is going wonderful for all of you. Thi week is the marker of my last 6 months. I really am so grateful and looking forward to giving my all the the Lord in the end. He had truly been the one thing that has gotten me this far. He wants us to be happy and enjoy live. I believe this to be true! I love Sweden, I love being a missionary and I love the church and mostly I Love you all! I want all the members of Hägersten to know how much I love them and will miss them! Thank you for all the great memories, Hägersten!

This was so much fun! Thanks Sofia!! 

Äldste Farnworth the Swede

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring is on it way, the winter is (almost) over. (2/9/2015)

This week have we really just been going. We are having a good amount of work so we are enjoying it and there aren't too many complains from us. We have met with some amazing people this week and over all it was just fun, fun, and fun. 

The biggest part of life here in Sweden, and I think most would agree, is the weather. I am not joking, I have become a "weather talker" I love discussing the weather on the train and stuff! Like Swedes can just talk and talk about it forever. But anyways, we have had sun for like 3 or days straight and it has been like amazing. I can't ever explain how cool it is to go out and like have the sun be there or even waking up in the morning and opening the blinds to have the sun remove all the darkness. Its sounds really silly but like I can just say that it is awesome. Spring is on it way, the winter is (almost) over. 

Yes... This is a picture with me and the sun.
We have this investigator, his name is Godson. He is a great guy, this week we have come forward with a lot of progression! I love teaching him, it is more like learning together, actually. He gives us a set topic that he wants to discuss, for example, we talked about Baptizing as a baby or what happens to those who aren't baptize last time. So we send him scriptures and then we go through them and discuss. I seriously love it. We have a really good time, he is form Nigeria so he has a lot of guys that live with him that are just this awesome Christens! So we have been just teaching everyone that is there when we are, it is awesome! It fun to just invite them to join and they are like really cool. So we have gotten some good talks going! Tons of fun. 

Church was a good way to end the week. We taught primary today which was the coolest think ever. We only had one kid there but he was enough. Like the cutest kid in the entire world! His name is Tom and he like really good at taking Selfies. We had a good time with him. He is the best kid ever. He knew so much about The First Vision it was so funny. I put a picture of Joseph Smith and when I asked if he knew who it was he would be like: "Of course I know elder Farnworth, it is the first prophet... Didn't you know that?" I was dying. 

My zone! We went to the Vasa Boat Museum!

The transfer is coming to an end, and this Saturday we will be receiving transfer calls yet again. I am actually really upset about that, Elder Gray is a awesome companion. We have like a ton of fun and it makes the work so much better. He is also a spiritual giant, he totally help bring me up. There is a good balance in our companionship, I really am going to miss him. But I am excited for him to go home and start the next part of his life. We have one week left so we are going to finish out strong!

Cutest Kid in the World.
This week we were doing some Family History and I found out that The Farnworth Side of my genealogy become the king of Uppsala! (Uppsala is a place in Sweden) so that was pretty cool. I have like a million people from Denmark, a lot from Norway and then it comes to Sweden. So I was quite pleased to see that I actually do have a little Swedish in me! It was really cool actually! 

Well I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Pray for the missionaries! 

Äldste Farnworth 

Monday, February 2, 2015

The weather this week has been really "Swedish". (2/2/15)

This week was a good week! We had a really good time and had a lot of really good experiences.

The mascot of the town we live in. 
The top of them would be something small that happened on Saturday. That morning I was in the shower and just super tired and then I just just got a thought to tell the Elders in my old area, Linköping and tell them to get in contact with a old investigator. So i texted them and they said that they would call. But then I got another promoting to call her myself. So I asked the elders for the number and I called her. That call was awesome. When she answers and I explain who it is and then she tells me it is her birthday! She was so happy that I called!  We had a great talk. She is just one of the greatest people I have had the chance to meet. I told the missionaries there would be calling and she was open to accept them. The call literally was like the center of my whole day. I was so happy, I think the Lord gave me those prompting for both of our sakes. It was pretty cool.
The weather this week has been really "Swedish". Meaning it is just switching back and forth. It snows then that all melts and it rain, then we have a sunny day and the next rain again. I just don't know what to do. So when it snows we have snow ball fight. 

Me on the ice... No regrets!
One day we were walking and we saw a lake that frozen over. So we thought, let's go take a picture on it!! So we went out on it and got our pictures then came back in and we saw this Swedish girl, so we contacted her and talk about the lake and how cool it is, then she continued to tell us that a few weeks a ago it would have been safe to walk on the ice... But today it was WAY to melted to do that, she said. I laughed and explained to her that we just went out there! Her face get very serious and she looks at me and in English says: "Don't go out there again!!" Haha it made my night it was really fun. Don't worry, I will be more careful in the future.

Yeah... We give awesome lessons at FHE
We have worked really hard to have success and every single day we have seemed to see some form of God's Hand in the work. It is really so amazing. I just feel really lucky! Lately we have been sharing the message of Enos and his story with Prayer. I love that so much. Enos really wanted to know where he stood with the Lord he had such faith to get the answer he did. It was really just a cool story and the conversations that we had with members were just so cool.

I just really am happy to be serving here, with Elder Gray. We are really doing great and we make a really good team actually. It is too bad that he goes home at the end of this transfer cause I would love to have him as a companion for a while but I am just glad I have this chance now! We are working hard everyday, I come home very very tired! But I wouldn't want to do anything else!!
Picture of the Week Award.

Hopefully you don't have to know Swedish to get 
why I think this is funny. 


Love you all!

Äldste Farnworth

SO MUCH SNOW. (1/26/15)

This week has been a great week. I really am enjoying my time with Elder Gray. He is a great guy and a really good missionary! We really have a great time together and basically in it's own way every single day. It is awesome. 

We have had a ton of great experiences this week, one to start with was Zone Training. It was so awesome. It was all about planning and how we can become better missionaries through that. The spirit was really strong and I just loved it. The coolest part? We saw Meet the Mormons!  That is like a great movie, I understand that I am a missionary and I am surely amused by everything but I actually really thought they did a great job with it. I definitely give it two thumbs up and my personal recommendation. 

Right after Training we started splits with our District leader, I went to his area with his companion Elder Svensson. It was a lot of fun and really cool. Elder Svensson is a Swede, so we spoke Swedish the entire time. It was pretty fun I would say. He is a really good guy and it was a good day. 

The work in Hägersten is just moving forward so fast! It is awesome. We meeting with a ton of amazing people. On top of all that, we are getting SO MUCH SNOW. Which basically just makes any activity fun. We went and got Fika with Michelle, we ate some giant Muffins and then had to walk to a Subway. However, Due to the snow.  We had a huge snowball fight on the way there. It was so much fun! Gotta make the best of living in a Winter wasteland! 
Mini Snow ball fight with Michelle.

Speaking of snowballs, I am like the worst in the entire world. I will try to send the video to you guys. We will see. But I have like terrible aim. So a Snowball fight with me is like just getting hit and talking smack the whole time. The Snow is a blessing though! Makes the darker days a little brighter and I am super happy about that. I was about to go insane!

Climbing a tree

We have been sharing this really cool message with the members here this week and I really have loved it! It is the store about Jonah and the Whale. It teaches us so much about the character of the Lord and how much he believes in second changes and becoming a new person through repentance! We have these Spanish members in the ward and we went to their house and her husband has a hard time speaking English or Swedish so we did the message in Spanish! They taught me and my companion how to read in Spanish and we read the bible to them in Spanish. Now don't get my wrong here, I have no idea what I was saying. And I can't speak it at all, but it was cool. 

We are pushing through and moving forward! I got a quote sent to me that I really love, so this is the quote of the week:

 "Being Humble means recognizing we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others." 

That couldn't be more true. It was awesome to get that and just such a great reminder for me what my purpose as a mission is and also what my purpose as a human is. We are truly here on the earth to be the hands of the Lord! 

Thank you for all of your love and support for me. You guys are the greatest. I love and miss you! 

Some trees...
Have a great week!

Pictures of the Winter Wonderland!

Äldste Farnworth
Mid-Tracting Snow pictures

Snow makes the winter so much better.