Monday, February 2, 2015

The weather this week has been really "Swedish". (2/2/15)

This week was a good week! We had a really good time and had a lot of really good experiences.

The mascot of the town we live in. 
The top of them would be something small that happened on Saturday. That morning I was in the shower and just super tired and then I just just got a thought to tell the Elders in my old area, Linköping and tell them to get in contact with a old investigator. So i texted them and they said that they would call. But then I got another promoting to call her myself. So I asked the elders for the number and I called her. That call was awesome. When she answers and I explain who it is and then she tells me it is her birthday! She was so happy that I called!  We had a great talk. She is just one of the greatest people I have had the chance to meet. I told the missionaries there would be calling and she was open to accept them. The call literally was like the center of my whole day. I was so happy, I think the Lord gave me those prompting for both of our sakes. It was pretty cool.
The weather this week has been really "Swedish". Meaning it is just switching back and forth. It snows then that all melts and it rain, then we have a sunny day and the next rain again. I just don't know what to do. So when it snows we have snow ball fight. 

Me on the ice... No regrets!
One day we were walking and we saw a lake that frozen over. So we thought, let's go take a picture on it!! So we went out on it and got our pictures then came back in and we saw this Swedish girl, so we contacted her and talk about the lake and how cool it is, then she continued to tell us that a few weeks a ago it would have been safe to walk on the ice... But today it was WAY to melted to do that, she said. I laughed and explained to her that we just went out there! Her face get very serious and she looks at me and in English says: "Don't go out there again!!" Haha it made my night it was really fun. Don't worry, I will be more careful in the future.

Yeah... We give awesome lessons at FHE
We have worked really hard to have success and every single day we have seemed to see some form of God's Hand in the work. It is really so amazing. I just feel really lucky! Lately we have been sharing the message of Enos and his story with Prayer. I love that so much. Enos really wanted to know where he stood with the Lord he had such faith to get the answer he did. It was really just a cool story and the conversations that we had with members were just so cool.

I just really am happy to be serving here, with Elder Gray. We are really doing great and we make a really good team actually. It is too bad that he goes home at the end of this transfer cause I would love to have him as a companion for a while but I am just glad I have this chance now! We are working hard everyday, I come home very very tired! But I wouldn't want to do anything else!!
Picture of the Week Award.

Hopefully you don't have to know Swedish to get 
why I think this is funny. 


Love you all!

Äldste Farnworth

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