Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring is on it way, the winter is (almost) over. (2/9/2015)

This week have we really just been going. We are having a good amount of work so we are enjoying it and there aren't too many complains from us. We have met with some amazing people this week and over all it was just fun, fun, and fun. 

The biggest part of life here in Sweden, and I think most would agree, is the weather. I am not joking, I have become a "weather talker" I love discussing the weather on the train and stuff! Like Swedes can just talk and talk about it forever. But anyways, we have had sun for like 3 or days straight and it has been like amazing. I can't ever explain how cool it is to go out and like have the sun be there or even waking up in the morning and opening the blinds to have the sun remove all the darkness. Its sounds really silly but like I can just say that it is awesome. Spring is on it way, the winter is (almost) over. 

Yes... This is a picture with me and the sun.
We have this investigator, his name is Godson. He is a great guy, this week we have come forward with a lot of progression! I love teaching him, it is more like learning together, actually. He gives us a set topic that he wants to discuss, for example, we talked about Baptizing as a baby or what happens to those who aren't baptize last time. So we send him scriptures and then we go through them and discuss. I seriously love it. We have a really good time, he is form Nigeria so he has a lot of guys that live with him that are just this awesome Christens! So we have been just teaching everyone that is there when we are, it is awesome! It fun to just invite them to join and they are like really cool. So we have gotten some good talks going! Tons of fun. 

Church was a good way to end the week. We taught primary today which was the coolest think ever. We only had one kid there but he was enough. Like the cutest kid in the entire world! His name is Tom and he like really good at taking Selfies. We had a good time with him. He is the best kid ever. He knew so much about The First Vision it was so funny. I put a picture of Joseph Smith and when I asked if he knew who it was he would be like: "Of course I know elder Farnworth, it is the first prophet... Didn't you know that?" I was dying. 

My zone! We went to the Vasa Boat Museum!

The transfer is coming to an end, and this Saturday we will be receiving transfer calls yet again. I am actually really upset about that, Elder Gray is a awesome companion. We have like a ton of fun and it makes the work so much better. He is also a spiritual giant, he totally help bring me up. There is a good balance in our companionship, I really am going to miss him. But I am excited for him to go home and start the next part of his life. We have one week left so we are going to finish out strong!

Cutest Kid in the World.
This week we were doing some Family History and I found out that The Farnworth Side of my genealogy become the king of Uppsala! (Uppsala is a place in Sweden) so that was pretty cool. I have like a million people from Denmark, a lot from Norway and then it comes to Sweden. So I was quite pleased to see that I actually do have a little Swedish in me! It was really cool actually! 

Well I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Pray for the missionaries! 

Äldste Farnworth 

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