Monday, February 16, 2015

Thank you for all the great memories, Hägersten! (2/16/15)

Sweden is ridiculously cool.
Well this week has actually been a great week. The work is really moving forward and our investigators are finally moving into the "progressing" category, which of course, makes everything a little more enjoyable. This is Elder Gray's last week in the field and I think we do it justice! We had a great time. We have really got some good standing in Hägersten. It is a bummer we will both be leaving. He is ju going home and I am going to Jönköping! To start a new adventure. Before you try to pronounce that name and you just destroy I will try to give you a guide. Yun-shuh-ping. It is a really nice and big ward. So that will be cool and different. It is funny because my first area, Skövde, covered the west side of the big lake, the 2nd area, Linköping, covered the East and Jönköping covers the South. I am starting to see a pattern here! It should be an awesome time there, I am very excited.

This is Diego.
          We had a rocking party in Hägersten on Friday! It was a valentines party and like honestly there was almost more not members then there were members... Okay maybe that is a stretch but there was a lot of non-members! We had a great time. Towards the end, they started playing some awesome dance music and I lost it. We had a dance party, it was awesome because all the non-members were like from Chile. So we had a pretty great fiesta! It was like a lot of fun, I didn't take any pictures so that sucked but you will just have to imagine the awesomeness. 

Where we ate lunch, Kaknästornet. We ate at the
very top!
On Saturday we had an AWESOME day. Like seriously, we switched our P day so that we could spend the day with Sofia from Linköping. That was the best, we went to the ABBA museum and that was the funnest thing ever! We spent a good amount of time there doing a bunch of stuff, we even went up on stage and sung Mamma Mia for the audience! The Swedes loved us. I was borne for the stage... haha Elder Grey came up too and it was like really funny. I have a video but you will have to wait 6 months to see that!  We then ate like this amazing restaurant. It was so cool and that you will be able to see pictures of! I will send some soon. 

With the last day in church it was full of emotions and sadness. But I definitely trust the Lord a lot more. I am going into the dark again. I don't really know where I am going but I trust the Lord, he is good. I love it! 

Well have a great week! Next week, I'll be in Jönköping! 
I really miss you all and I hope that everythng is going wonderful for all of you. Thi week is the marker of my last 6 months. I really am so grateful and looking forward to giving my all the the Lord in the end. He had truly been the one thing that has gotten me this far. He wants us to be happy and enjoy live. I believe this to be true! I love Sweden, I love being a missionary and I love the church and mostly I Love you all! I want all the members of Hägersten to know how much I love them and will miss them! Thank you for all the great memories, Hägersten!

This was so much fun! Thanks Sofia!! 

Äldste Farnworth the Swede

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