Sunday, June 29, 2014

I was transferred to Gavle this last Saturday...(6/23/14)

Well this week has been a good one. I finally found out where I was getting transferred to on Tuesday but he didn't give me any other details. But he has a lot on his mind right now. So anyways I transferred to Gävle this last Saturday. I will tell you everything I know about this area: It was a 4 hour train ride from Linköping to here. It is not a ward but another branch, how ever there is like 60 members that come every Sunday, so that is pretty exciting. Yesterday at church was the biggest Sacrament Meeting I have ever been to here. I really like the members here, they are really strong and really good at being a 'ward family' from what I can see so far. So I am excited to be here. 
My companion is Elder Gentillion, he is from the same group as Elder Olson, my trainer. I am really excited to work with him, he seems way cool and he is a good missionary! I am really looking forward to this area. We don't have to many investigators right now, but is kinda how all of my areas have been so it is not anything that I am scared of. It's gonna be good. A lot of cool less actives to work with and the sisters here, Sister Hill and Sister Crazylastname are having a baptism this upcoming Sunday so that should be awesome. 
 I was sad to leave Linköping but they are a few amazing last days. We had a really good Midsummer! That is like a huge holiday here, comparable to Christmas, at least to Sofia's son Simon, it is better than Christmas! So basically they are just celebrating the middle of Summer and the longest day of the year. The sun is up like all the time. I think it sets at like 10:30 and then it is back up at like 3:30, so yeah a lot of sunlight. I like it a lot, i
t is awesome. So for midsummer we had plans to spend the day with Sofia but her mother got sick so that kinda ruined the plans. So we ended up going to Norrköping to have Midsummer there, which was awesome. The members were really awesome and I loved the whole day. I didn't take any pictures but Elder Miller did so he will be sending them to me. So maybe you will get them this week or next. But we went to the mountains and danced around this big pole that has leaves and flowers on it and it has a whole bunch of meaning and stuff. Then we went back to this members house and had a huge BBQ. The family in that ward is so big they are like half of the ward. So it was awesome, there were a lot of people and kids. It reminded me of home :) So that day was just like 10 out of 10. Then I went to the church and FINALLY got my travel plans for Saturday. So I was like a legit thing that I was transferring. So I went home and packed all my stuff up!

On Saturday, My train left at like 9:30 but before that we went over to Sofia for a 'goodbye breakfast'. That was like really sad. I am really missing them a lot, saying goodbye to Simon was a bitter moment. But it had to happen as some point. But it wasn't really a 'goodbye' but more of a 'see you later'! So yeah then I got the train and came here! I met a really nice American on the train and talked to him for a while so that was good. It calmed my nerves and distracted me a lot from the travel! Then I got to Gävle and we met with out Branch Mission Leader that night and grilled burgers and had a good time. Then Sunday was awesome. We went to church I met some really awesome members. There is a new couple that have only been in Sweden for like 5 months, so I translated for them. That was a lot of fun, they are awesome. They are teaching me their language. I can't remember what is was but I will find out! Then went met with the coolest guy ever, his name is Daniel and he is investigating the church. I will write about him more later, cause I am out of time! I Love you all! Hope you have a great week, I know I will. We are going to Stockholm for President Newell's last Zone Conference! Crazy!


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The Ericksson's

Kaleb looks happy:)

At the Midsommer celebration!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

This week was simply amazing...(6/16/14)

This week was simply amazing. Yes, there was a baptism on Saturday and it was completely perfect. Not a thing went wrong. We taught her the day before and it was like a really fun lesson. We just talked for a while and answered a question she had about having the bible showing us signs about the restored gospel coming to the earth and we just talked about her baptism that would be taking place the next day. So that was awesome, then we just watched a talk from President Monson called 'I Will Not Fail, Nor Forsake Thee' It was amazing. I think it helped her a little with the nerves of the big step of baptism. So then the day came and it was amazing. We met at the church with her at 5 and it was just crazy, I was just running around trying to get all the last minute things set up. Then it started at 6 and it was really amazing right away. I could see that the spirit was there with her. All the fears that she had were gone, and she looked so peaceful. It was really great!

 Then we traveled to the lake! It was really funny thought but but the entire branch and missionaries included could fit in 3 cars. It was awesome, we all went to the Lake, it was a blessing. There was no one swimming (a huge concern of mine) and the beach that we had planned to have it at was clear! So that was a huge relief. Then the missionaries all sang "Härlig är Jorden" directly translated means Beautiful Earth but it is the song Beautiful Savior in English. It was really cool, I was a little scared to see how that was going to turn out cause we had no piano or anything but it actually was really amazing. The spirit again saved that moment. 

It was then time. It had all come down to this moment. Sofia and Elder Miller dressed in all white walked into the water. Elder Kiikko and I followed in behind as the witnesses. It was really just breathtaking the view of this beautiful world that we have and that we are going to be preforming such an amazing ordinance. Pictures can not even start to serve that scene justice, I am just so grateful I was able to be there to see it. What a blessing. When she was put under it was really a big moment for me, I just had a lot of internal thoughts about what was really happening and what I was really watching happen. I was watching one of God children come unto him through baptism just like the Savior did. It was just an unbelievable moment. She came up so clean and pure. She was perfect, through this amazing gift that we have she was made clean from all of her sins and mistakes. She was clean.

We then had Fika. It was awesome there was a lot of missionaries that brought stuff and members were of course awesome. She was welcomed into the ward, and we had a really nice evening all together. Her Husband and Simon were there as well! So most of the time we were just all playing with Simon. So that was awesome. I think you could say that it was a success. The next day in church was really cool as well. Sofia received the Holy Ghost and confirmed a member. I gave my testimony because I will be moving this week. Then Sofia gave her testimony and it was really awesome, she told 'her conversion story' It was really awesome to hear the whole thing from the very start in 2008 to her baptism on Saturday. It was really awesome, she is very quiet and so most of these thing that she was telling everyone was the first time that I heard them as well as the branch. So it was really special! Great day. Then we went and spent the evening with them and said our good bye. I really wanted to give Simon a present and he is just the most curious little boy and he is really smart, So I looked and looked a Curious George monkey to give him with little luck I did not find one. So I thought that I would give him the one that my mom gave me. It was hard to give it away, but if I would do it for anyone it would be him. I also printed out a lot of pictures of him and gave him those. That was a hard goodbye. 

Speaking of goodbyes.. You are probably wondering where I am going next! Well I am right there with you! I have no idea! I talked the with Mission President and he told me this "You will most likely leave this Wednesday... or this Thursday... or Friday." No location, no companion, no travel plans. So as I have learned to do things in faith, I am starting to pack! Hopefully I will be leaving this week. Not that I have anything to complain about in this area, I am just ready for some change, new playing field. Should be fun! I am not freaking out though. Which I am quite proud of. I must be growing or something. 

I can not believe that I am going to be hitting my 10 month mark soon. That just simply makes no logical sense. I am just here for the ride I guess. I am holding on tight. I will start thinking of what I need. I love the summer but in a weird way to be honest, I am looking forward to the other seasons. They are a little more enjoyable as a missionary.  I like the winter cause you get to wear a whole bunch of warm clothes! But looks wise... Summer is amazing. Not complaining at all I love it here, just like have my favorites :)

Well I can end this whole thing off with a scripture that Sofia shared yesterday in her testimony, it is from 2 Nephi 31:20-21:

20 Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

 21 And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen.

I really loved that. It is the goal, our vision here on this earth. What a gift we have. I was reminded of that gift this week. I am looking forward to the future, maybe that is why I am not worried about this transfer. I think I am realizing that is doesn't matter where we are it just matters what we are doing and who we are trying to serve, The Lord. He is the reason I am here and he is the way to find happiness. I know this to be true.

Sorry this is so long. It just kinda happened that way. I hope next week I will be somewhere else. I love you so much! Have a great week, Happy Father's Day Dad and Happy Birthday Jacob!

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So Great!

Missionaries sang "Beautiful Savior"

Such a great moment

The water was a bit cold

Tomas, Sofia, Simon (with the monkey I gave him) and Me

Me and my little buddy

The Lord will prepare a way for His will to be done (6/9/14)

Well this week was a different week that is for sure. Just to get straight to it, we did not have a baptism this last Saturday nor am I getting transferred this upcoming Wednesday! I little crazy but no one worry! It is all good because.... We are have the baptism THIS Saturday and I will be transferred in a week from Wednesday! There were a few things that cause the baptism to be pushed back but it is all so good. As far as the transfer goes I was given the opportunity to stay one more week to see the baptism happen and help the process! What a gift! It was funny I was on the phone with Sofia (the one being baptized) and I was telling her how I would try my best to stay in Linköping until she baptized the next week, then like clock work, President Newell called and he told me (being aware of the situation) that I would be staying in Linköping for one more week and then I would be transferred like planned. So I was able to switch the call back to Sofia and tell her that I would be staying it was so awesome! Of course I was bummed that the date was pushed back for her baptism but this is just going to be so much better! I am so excited and happy with the way that it all played out! SO I just get another week that I can be excited all week for a baptism on Saturday!
That was the most exciting thing that happened this whole week. It was pretty crazy to call the entire branch and cancel a baptism but it was even better to call them all again and tell them that it would be the next week! I think on Friday night, I made about 3 hours of phone calls in a matter of 3½ hours. It was so crazy.. But it was manageable! It will all be worth it this weekend!
We had Zone Training this week and that was really awesome. I think that the reason that we had the training was because President Newell wanted to do interviews before he leaves at the end of June. That is so crazy. The interviews went really well, everyone was schedule to have a 10 minute interview but that didn't happen to nobody's surprise. So we just kinda talk with each other the entire zone was there, and we waited. But my interview was really amazing I was really grateful for that. I feel that this is how I feel every time a leave a meeting with President Newell, he is so close to the spirit it always amazes me. So that was awesome.
This week we met with a 'soon-to-be religion teacher' so that was awesome, it was really cool to be able to give so much information about the church and to see her really see how much good this church is and does. It was really cool, she did not believe in God but was very respectful of churches and was really awesome to teach and talk with.

I am really sad to say goodbye to this area I love it here. Goodbyes are the worst I am just glad that I have another week to say them. This week is going to be a busy one! We have a  full week set and I we are ready to go hard this last week together!
The Lord will always prepare a way for His will to be done. It may not always be evident to us but He will always carry out His will. When we work with Him and do the things that we wants us to do we have no need to worry when there are bumps in the road (which there will be) if we know what He wants to happen we just need to hold on of the ride and trust that He will take us to what is best for us. I know this to be true. I have seen in the past few days and I have also seen in the past 9 months. What a blessing this gospel is. I hope you all had a great week! I look forward to tell you all where I will be transferred to and how the baptism went next week! I love you!

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This is the castle Kaleb talked about on the last post, amazing!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sorry Mom, I don't think I'm gonna come home! I love Sweden! (6/2/14)

Well this week have just been amazing. Going on 3 weeks in a row! So awesome, I am really loving life. I know I just sound like every other missionary in the world, but I am in the best mission in the world. I was talking with Elder Miller last night (cause we all live together again) and we were talking about how this mission just rocks. This week just has really been awesome. I got a pretty awesome call this week, it was from President Newell on Wednesday. I was like really scared cause I was on splits so when he called my phone I wasn't there. So I just get a text from my phone tell me that President called and that he was looking for me... that is not something that you want to hear. So I am just sitting there thinking of every possible thing that I could be getting trouble for but I really couldn't think of anything! I am really trying to be good! Turns out he was just calling to tell me that I would be transferred in the upcoming transfer! He didn't tell me where, just that I would be leaving. After I told the other Elders, they all made fun of me and said that I was this special Elder that has such a rough time with change that President has to call me 2 weeks early so I can mentally prepare myself! Regardless I am not complaining if that is the case! I like a little warning. I am really excited to go and see more of Sweden but this area is so much a part of me now, I do not want to say Goodbye! But it will be good! 

Well the work is just getting better and better every day! We are meeting with Sofia a lot to prepare her for this weekend! She is amazing and I just can't believe that I am able to be apart of this process of hers. Their whole family has really become to close to me! I love her little boy, Simon so much! He is like the coolest kid ever. I will send pictures of me with him. They took us on a tour of the area around Linköping, it was one of the best days I have had in a while! I really was so amazing. They have a car so it is a little easier and faster to get around than the bus. We went to 3 major places, the first stop was this rock that had carving on it from the 800's. Yes I wrote they correctly, the year 800. Crazy, then we went to this Monastery from 1100's which was completely just ruins. So that was amazing. (Don't worry there are gonna be pictures) I didn't take a ton, but Elder Miller took a ton on his camera so I need to get them from him.  But I have enough to explain what we did! Then we ended the trip off with this amazing Castle from 1500. That was really cool as well. 
I love being with these people so much. Simon is like the little brother I never had. (Sorry, Jacob.) He just lets me be a child for a little bit, usually when we go to teach Sofia, I spend a little bit of the time playing with Simon, we usually color or do puzzle or I watch him play Wii. It is awesome. He is only 5, but he is so cool. I am really going to miss them! Sofia is going strong though! Her faith is amazing. She prayed for us for the first time the other day and it was amazing! She is moving so quickly it is amazing! I can't believe how much faith she is gotten! We went through the baptismal questions last time and she was great with all them! Now we just have the interview this week and the Baptism is on Saturday! We decided that Elder Miller is going to baptize her and then I will confirm her the next day in church! So yeah.... I am so excited! I can hardly contain myself, I couldn't imagine being a South America missionary and feeling this every week! :) We also met with Mahin for the first time in a long time and that was awesome, she is so amazing. We has so much fun with her, we helped her put up these shelves for her and we had a really amazing dinner and then a great lesson with her! I loved it! I love Missionary Work! Sorry Mom but I don't think I am gonna come home! Maybe I will just stay here! I love Sweden! 

The other Elders lost their apartment, so they moved back in with us so we are just a four-man party once again, I came into this area in a four-man, helped them split us apart and then helped them move back in! It is really fun with everyone all together! It is just as crazy as it was before! But we are doing really good. Today I am going to the Airplane Museum. I am really excited that is like what this place is known for! So that is really exciting! 

This gospel is true. It just simply is. I love it and I am seeing it change lives, we have so much so share and such a gift to allow people to have the blessings of this amazing church! I am grateful for this chance! I love you and hope you have a great week! I know I will be having one to remember! 

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1: My Selfie of the year! This is like my favorite picture, ever. Me and Simon and Sofia! 

2: This is where Sofia will be baptized this weekend! 

3: Me and Mahin battled it out, She is a Fencing master!