Sunday, June 29, 2014

I was transferred to Gavle this last Saturday...(6/23/14)

Well this week has been a good one. I finally found out where I was getting transferred to on Tuesday but he didn't give me any other details. But he has a lot on his mind right now. So anyways I transferred to Gävle this last Saturday. I will tell you everything I know about this area: It was a 4 hour train ride from Linköping to here. It is not a ward but another branch, how ever there is like 60 members that come every Sunday, so that is pretty exciting. Yesterday at church was the biggest Sacrament Meeting I have ever been to here. I really like the members here, they are really strong and really good at being a 'ward family' from what I can see so far. So I am excited to be here. 
My companion is Elder Gentillion, he is from the same group as Elder Olson, my trainer. I am really excited to work with him, he seems way cool and he is a good missionary! I am really looking forward to this area. We don't have to many investigators right now, but is kinda how all of my areas have been so it is not anything that I am scared of. It's gonna be good. A lot of cool less actives to work with and the sisters here, Sister Hill and Sister Crazylastname are having a baptism this upcoming Sunday so that should be awesome. 
 I was sad to leave Linköping but they are a few amazing last days. We had a really good Midsummer! That is like a huge holiday here, comparable to Christmas, at least to Sofia's son Simon, it is better than Christmas! So basically they are just celebrating the middle of Summer and the longest day of the year. The sun is up like all the time. I think it sets at like 10:30 and then it is back up at like 3:30, so yeah a lot of sunlight. I like it a lot, i
t is awesome. So for midsummer we had plans to spend the day with Sofia but her mother got sick so that kinda ruined the plans. So we ended up going to Norrköping to have Midsummer there, which was awesome. The members were really awesome and I loved the whole day. I didn't take any pictures but Elder Miller did so he will be sending them to me. So maybe you will get them this week or next. But we went to the mountains and danced around this big pole that has leaves and flowers on it and it has a whole bunch of meaning and stuff. Then we went back to this members house and had a huge BBQ. The family in that ward is so big they are like half of the ward. So it was awesome, there were a lot of people and kids. It reminded me of home :) So that day was just like 10 out of 10. Then I went to the church and FINALLY got my travel plans for Saturday. So I was like a legit thing that I was transferring. So I went home and packed all my stuff up!

On Saturday, My train left at like 9:30 but before that we went over to Sofia for a 'goodbye breakfast'. That was like really sad. I am really missing them a lot, saying goodbye to Simon was a bitter moment. But it had to happen as some point. But it wasn't really a 'goodbye' but more of a 'see you later'! So yeah then I got the train and came here! I met a really nice American on the train and talked to him for a while so that was good. It calmed my nerves and distracted me a lot from the travel! Then I got to Gävle and we met with out Branch Mission Leader that night and grilled burgers and had a good time. Then Sunday was awesome. We went to church I met some really awesome members. There is a new couple that have only been in Sweden for like 5 months, so I translated for them. That was a lot of fun, they are awesome. They are teaching me their language. I can't remember what is was but I will find out! Then went met with the coolest guy ever, his name is Daniel and he is investigating the church. I will write about him more later, cause I am out of time! I Love you all! Hope you have a great week, I know I will. We are going to Stockholm for President Newell's last Zone Conference! Crazy!


Äldste Farnworth

The Ericksson's

Kaleb looks happy:)

At the Midsommer celebration!!

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