Sunday, July 6, 2014

My last pic with President and Sister Newell (6/30/14)

My last picure with President and Sister Newell!!  Sad to see them go
Well this week has been amazing, the branch is Gävle is just amazing and it is very quickly beginning to feel like home here. I have only been here about 9 days and it feels like a lot more than that! Elder Gentillon is really awesome and that makes the work a lot more fun and enjoyable! We are working well together and setting some goals to make us as effective as possible! It is amazing how much a transfer can completely refuel the fire to work and really give you a new energy. I am loving it here. I can't really remember what I said last week but the branch here is a really good size. I really am try to learn everyone's name and let me tell you, it is a lot easier when there is only 15-30 people, But I am determined. Every Sunday is (the last two) really awesome. I just go around asking people what their names are. 
We have this investigator, his name is Daniel and he is really the coolest guy, last Monday we went out into the middle of no where with him to go and and shoot bows and arrows, it was so awesome! We had a really good time, evening though it was POURING. Like the weather in the last few weeks have just been the worst, it is cold and rain all the time. Where did the beautiful Swedish summer go? I hope it get better soon! But yeah, we were in the forest so it wasn't to bad and he has this really cool spot that is pretty shaded. Then he is like a big wilderness man, so he built a fire and it was awesome. I have some really cool pictures that I will get to you guys. So that was a awesome way to start it off here. He is a way cool guy, kinda a rough back round but he is really changing his life so he can be closer to God, he has come a long way and just has a little bit more to go until he can be baptized! So I am so excited to be working with him. He is awesome, he is going to Stockholm though for a month or so! That is another thing that is crazy, so everyone in Sweden gets like 6 weeks average of 'time off' from work. Most of them just take it all at once. Like they just don't work for 6 weeks in the Summer, So that is a little crazy. No one is working right now and it is just like happy time for everyone! So yeah, Daniel will be in Stockholm for a while but we are planning on meeting with him this week when we are down there! I am so stolked, it is going to be awesome!
Me and Daniel in the forest.

Robin Hood. What can I say I am a beast? 

So there is this family that I translated for on the first Sunday that I was here and they are just quickly becoming my best friends here. It is this guy and his wife from Albania. They don't speak much Swedish so I usually just follow them around and translate for them, it is awesome. Yesterday they brought this other family with them to church! It was amazing. They can't speak English or Swedish. So we took them in the back room and taught them and the members from Albania translated for us, it was so cool. Like just that the gospel was able to be given to this people even though they could not speak my language. It was really cool. They have no religious back round so we are starting from the beginning. Which is really cool. We compared the love that Heavenly Father has for them, the love the that they have for their children and I couldn't understand what they were saying but it was very clear that they were feeling the Holy Spirit and it was testifying of the truths that we were teaching them. It was a great moment for me, I look forward to getting to know and helping this take part of this amazing, life changing gospel. 

Well another thing about this area that is a huge plus is the apartment! It is a lot smaller and stuff but the beds are Full Size. So Pretty much that alone just sells the whole place for me. Twin size beds are for a child, I can't even imagine what is like for those are aren't so small like me! I am very happy with the living arrangements we have here. I biked for the first time on my mission, today actually! It was awesome. I haven't even had bikes in any of my area before so that was really cool. I just am happy and loving life. 

I just want to tell you all that the Lord is there. He is there and he is listening. He loves us in ways that we as humans can't even understand that love he has for us. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the love and gift that he has given us. I love him and I know he loves us. 

I hope you all have a great week and just know that I am praying for you! Love you and pray for the missionaries and our investigators, they need our prayers! 

Äldste Farnworth
Me and Sister Hill in Stockholm

Swedish Art... oh and a cool a wavy thing. haha :)

The whole gang at the temple.. #groupie
Me and Sister Modersitzki at the Temple... #selfie

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