Monday, July 28, 2014

Attitude is the Key to Life. (7/21/14)

We can just start this week off with a really funny moment that happened at church yesterday! I was holding someone baby and it started to cry and I was talking so I just squatted down to put her down and all of a sudden there was a loud sound and my pants got really loose. Luckily, no one heard or noticed but my pants ripped all the way down the butt seam. It was terrible and it church was starting in like 5 minutes. So I grab Elder Gentillon, showed him the rip and we were walking home in a matter of minutes. Good think I had another pair of pants and the switch was nice and smooth and ended up making for a good conversation starter for the rest of the day! So there you go! 

My ripped pants... Awkward picture.
Maybe this is to much for the blog... But I think it is so funny. 

We got transfer calls on Saturday... and I am staying! Elder Gentillon is be transferred to Jönköping as a Zone Leader and I am getting another older missionary! Which I love, I just keep learning so much! I don't know why I was so scared about leaving I have barely been here for a month I just love this area so much it is insane! I honestly look forward to Sunday more than ever before in my life! I love seeing and being with all the members of this great branch! The youth is just amazing. I really feel like they are just all becoming my best friends so quickly! I am really hoping that they feel the same way! We are really trying to make a strong effort to have a lot of church involvement in their lives. It is a little hard, I think growing up in Sweden as a youth. For most of them, the only contact they have with Mormons is at church on Sunday and other activities we have. One of those activities Family Home Evening on Monday, we do some awesome stuff! Tonight we will be playing Mini Golf in the park so that should be awesome!

Playing Volleyball on P day with some people in the branch!

This week we saw a huge miracle take place! It was awesome! So at Zone Conference a few weeks ago we were talking as a Zone about the important of not only seeing baptism as our goal here in Sweden but widening our goal and see the Temple as the next step! So they gave us time as a companionship to go away and pray and decide together with The Lord one non-member we would like to help reach the temple and one member that is either never been or is less-active. We felt really strongly about both and made our decision and then prayed and I really felt the spirit strongly present. We went on with our week and the next Sunday we went to our member that we had chosen and simply asked him if the temple was something that we wanted to set as a goal and something we could work with him on. He answer was simple and clear: No. We were a little confused and just a little bummed. 

The week went on and one day when we were opening church, like we do every week. He walked into the church, which wasn't out of the normal or anything. He likes to be at the church a lot to play on the computers and such. So I went in and talked to him asking him about this or that. Then the idea to ask him if we could look at his Family History, came to me. So we asked him and he told us that he had done a lot of it a while ago. So we pushed him to log in and it was amazing what we found! Tons of his family that had NO temple work completed! He is a convert of only about 5 years so it wasn't a huge surprise but we got very serious and we explained that they were all waiting in Heaven for the work that only we have here on the earth to do, and that it needed to take place in the Temple. 

There was a change. Suddenly, he was open to the Temple. He asked if we could come over later in the evening and go over the Temple Recommend questions. It was amazing. The branch is having a temple trip soon in August so he is planning on attending that. It was such a real way to see that The Lord is really here and a part of the work. He listens to prayers and not only that but he answers and acts. What an amazing thought that is. To know that.

One last thing, we met with a investigator this week, that wasn't very positive, in fact he was very negative. However, when he would talk and try to point out all the flaws of the church and basically trying to create doubt in our heads. But to be honest it did nothing but strength my faith. It gave me so much joy that I had such a knowledge of a Father in Heaven that really is there and that listens and helps us all through life. I have gained such a testimony of this on my mission and it is honestly priceless. I am so eternally grateful for that. 

Nothing but good this week! Even ripping my pants gave me a good laugh. Attitude is the key to life.
Getting my Swedish Haircut!

Fika people... It's awesome

Sister Larson Funeral, she lives on Wednesday!

I hope you all have a great week! I miss you all a little and I love you all a lot!

Äldste Farnworth

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