Friday, June 6, 2014

Sorry Mom, I don't think I'm gonna come home! I love Sweden! (6/2/14)

Well this week have just been amazing. Going on 3 weeks in a row! So awesome, I am really loving life. I know I just sound like every other missionary in the world, but I am in the best mission in the world. I was talking with Elder Miller last night (cause we all live together again) and we were talking about how this mission just rocks. This week just has really been awesome. I got a pretty awesome call this week, it was from President Newell on Wednesday. I was like really scared cause I was on splits so when he called my phone I wasn't there. So I just get a text from my phone tell me that President called and that he was looking for me... that is not something that you want to hear. So I am just sitting there thinking of every possible thing that I could be getting trouble for but I really couldn't think of anything! I am really trying to be good! Turns out he was just calling to tell me that I would be transferred in the upcoming transfer! He didn't tell me where, just that I would be leaving. After I told the other Elders, they all made fun of me and said that I was this special Elder that has such a rough time with change that President has to call me 2 weeks early so I can mentally prepare myself! Regardless I am not complaining if that is the case! I like a little warning. I am really excited to go and see more of Sweden but this area is so much a part of me now, I do not want to say Goodbye! But it will be good! 

Well the work is just getting better and better every day! We are meeting with Sofia a lot to prepare her for this weekend! She is amazing and I just can't believe that I am able to be apart of this process of hers. Their whole family has really become to close to me! I love her little boy, Simon so much! He is like the coolest kid ever. I will send pictures of me with him. They took us on a tour of the area around Linköping, it was one of the best days I have had in a while! I really was so amazing. They have a car so it is a little easier and faster to get around than the bus. We went to 3 major places, the first stop was this rock that had carving on it from the 800's. Yes I wrote they correctly, the year 800. Crazy, then we went to this Monastery from 1100's which was completely just ruins. So that was amazing. (Don't worry there are gonna be pictures) I didn't take a ton, but Elder Miller took a ton on his camera so I need to get them from him.  But I have enough to explain what we did! Then we ended the trip off with this amazing Castle from 1500. That was really cool as well. 
I love being with these people so much. Simon is like the little brother I never had. (Sorry, Jacob.) He just lets me be a child for a little bit, usually when we go to teach Sofia, I spend a little bit of the time playing with Simon, we usually color or do puzzle or I watch him play Wii. It is awesome. He is only 5, but he is so cool. I am really going to miss them! Sofia is going strong though! Her faith is amazing. She prayed for us for the first time the other day and it was amazing! She is moving so quickly it is amazing! I can't believe how much faith she is gotten! We went through the baptismal questions last time and she was great with all them! Now we just have the interview this week and the Baptism is on Saturday! We decided that Elder Miller is going to baptize her and then I will confirm her the next day in church! So yeah.... I am so excited! I can hardly contain myself, I couldn't imagine being a South America missionary and feeling this every week! :) We also met with Mahin for the first time in a long time and that was awesome, she is so amazing. We has so much fun with her, we helped her put up these shelves for her and we had a really amazing dinner and then a great lesson with her! I loved it! I love Missionary Work! Sorry Mom but I don't think I am gonna come home! Maybe I will just stay here! I love Sweden! 

The other Elders lost their apartment, so they moved back in with us so we are just a four-man party once again, I came into this area in a four-man, helped them split us apart and then helped them move back in! It is really fun with everyone all together! It is just as crazy as it was before! But we are doing really good. Today I am going to the Airplane Museum. I am really excited that is like what this place is known for! So that is really exciting! 

This gospel is true. It just simply is. I love it and I am seeing it change lives, we have so much so share and such a gift to allow people to have the blessings of this amazing church! I am grateful for this chance! I love you and hope you have a great week! I know I will be having one to remember! 

Äldste Farnworth

1: My Selfie of the year! This is like my favorite picture, ever. Me and Simon and Sofia! 

2: This is where Sofia will be baptized this weekend! 

3: Me and Mahin battled it out, She is a Fencing master!

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