Saturday, May 31, 2014

There is so much goodness happening right now (2/26/14)

This week has been just amazing. I feel completely at peace. There is so much goodness happening right now! I love this, I really do. The baptism is set to move forward and honestly she is amazing. I asked if I could share name, she was okay so now I can just say Sofia. She is like the nicest person ever. So because Linköping is just a small branch we don't have a baptismal font here in the church, so we would have to take the journey to Norrköping and have the baptism in their chapel. Or we could do it in a river or lake, so of course, we suggested that idea to Sofia and she agree'd that the second option would be not only easier but a lot more fun. So I am really excited about that. She is really progressing and it is just such a blessing to be apart of this amazing process of conversion! I feel like I am learning so much as I study this important 'basics' of our church! It really has helped me! She was in Stockholm a little while back with her students, we taught them on Wednesday and they go us the coolest ties ever. I have a picture with me wearing them! It was awesome. I will include a picture of that. I also was talking with her about where I could possibly find a "dream catcher" and she said she would get me one in Stockholm and she did and it is so awesome so now I have to hang above my head while I sleep! I am a total hippie now.

The weather is so crazy! It is so HOT. Who knew that Sweden ever got hot? Well this week it was proven to me that is indeed does happen. Holy Cow, I think this week the high was about 85 F which really was insane cause we have about 85% humidity. So freaking hot, but I like it. I am getting tanner and tanner, I have to get as tan I as I can to prepare myself for the harsh Swedish winter. I am starting to understand how people get depressed here. Not saying that I am, but it is just so beautiful in the summer so I could see how it would be a damper to have the winter come and just kill everything. 

We had a branch party this week, that was a ton of fun. It is really cool to see that happen here. If you think about life in Utah, when we have a ward party, sometime you just think "Ok I'll just go swing by and say hi then leave." Here people are liking driving a 45 minutes to a hour to be at this party, so it really shows how willing this members are to be around the church. Really cool to see.

Also, we had Zone Training this last Friday, it was awesome. That is where I got my birthday package. Which was AMAZING. Thank you so much, I love the blanket so much. You guys are awesome (The Blanket was from Disneyland and was a picture of the World of Color fountains, my favorite thing there) It was awesome and just perfect. Thank you so much for the party stuff. We were at the train station when I opened it and then our train got delayed like 1½ hours so we just got all the stuff out and we had a birthday party right in the middle of the station. It was really fun. I have pictures that I will send. 

Okay now to answer mother's questions! Me and my companion are doing really well! I really like him, I am actually really grateful for the chance to be with him again. Before we didn't like each other, it is not a secret, haha we have talked about it, but we decided it was cool to have a second chance and it really has changed my view of him. I realized something, that maybe stung a little. I was not the easiest person to work with a few months back! I have really tried to changed that, but I think I have or people just are giving up on me! Either way I am getting along with a lot more people so that is plus! haha Transfers are on the 12th of June so I should know if I am leaving next weekend. Scary... transfers are every 6 weeks. I think I might be transferred 3 transfers in one area is sorta a long time but who know. I am just accepting to God will, but I would be more leaning to leave just so I can see more of Sweden.

Okay this became very long quickly. Sorry I make you all suffer through these monsters. My spiritual message for this week would be from something that I read in the Book of Mormon this week! It is in Alma 50-60 which is all of the "War Chapters" But I really love them so much. They teach me so much about being prepared for what ever the Lord has planned and the more the the Nephites had planned and were read the more the Lord allowed them to do in general! It was really cool. 

Hope you all have a great week! Pray for the people and for the missionaries! I love you and I love this Gospel! 

Ha det så bra! 

Äldste Farnworth

 These awesome ties that Sofia's students got us in Stockholm. 

2: This was my birthday party in the train station.

The cool dock at the beach

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