Monday, June 16, 2014

The Lord will prepare a way for His will to be done (6/9/14)

Well this week was a different week that is for sure. Just to get straight to it, we did not have a baptism this last Saturday nor am I getting transferred this upcoming Wednesday! I little crazy but no one worry! It is all good because.... We are have the baptism THIS Saturday and I will be transferred in a week from Wednesday! There were a few things that cause the baptism to be pushed back but it is all so good. As far as the transfer goes I was given the opportunity to stay one more week to see the baptism happen and help the process! What a gift! It was funny I was on the phone with Sofia (the one being baptized) and I was telling her how I would try my best to stay in Linköping until she baptized the next week, then like clock work, President Newell called and he told me (being aware of the situation) that I would be staying in Linköping for one more week and then I would be transferred like planned. So I was able to switch the call back to Sofia and tell her that I would be staying it was so awesome! Of course I was bummed that the date was pushed back for her baptism but this is just going to be so much better! I am so excited and happy with the way that it all played out! SO I just get another week that I can be excited all week for a baptism on Saturday!
That was the most exciting thing that happened this whole week. It was pretty crazy to call the entire branch and cancel a baptism but it was even better to call them all again and tell them that it would be the next week! I think on Friday night, I made about 3 hours of phone calls in a matter of 3½ hours. It was so crazy.. But it was manageable! It will all be worth it this weekend!
We had Zone Training this week and that was really awesome. I think that the reason that we had the training was because President Newell wanted to do interviews before he leaves at the end of June. That is so crazy. The interviews went really well, everyone was schedule to have a 10 minute interview but that didn't happen to nobody's surprise. So we just kinda talk with each other the entire zone was there, and we waited. But my interview was really amazing I was really grateful for that. I feel that this is how I feel every time a leave a meeting with President Newell, he is so close to the spirit it always amazes me. So that was awesome.
This week we met with a 'soon-to-be religion teacher' so that was awesome, it was really cool to be able to give so much information about the church and to see her really see how much good this church is and does. It was really cool, she did not believe in God but was very respectful of churches and was really awesome to teach and talk with.

I am really sad to say goodbye to this area I love it here. Goodbyes are the worst I am just glad that I have another week to say them. This week is going to be a busy one! We have a  full week set and I we are ready to go hard this last week together!
The Lord will always prepare a way for His will to be done. It may not always be evident to us but He will always carry out His will. When we work with Him and do the things that we wants us to do we have no need to worry when there are bumps in the road (which there will be) if we know what He wants to happen we just need to hold on of the ride and trust that He will take us to what is best for us. I know this to be true. I have seen in the past few days and I have also seen in the past 9 months. What a blessing this gospel is. I hope you all had a great week! I look forward to tell you all where I will be transferred to and how the baptism went next week! I love you!

Äldste Farnworth 
This is the castle Kaleb talked about on the last post, amazing!!

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