Sunday, November 16, 2014

It was amazing to the reminders of what we are, who we are and what we stand for. (11/10/14)

Dear Mother and All,

This week has been a great week! It included probably one of the greatest days of my mission! The weather is really crazy, we got snow on Thursday and it seem to be Christmas. Not really just really starting to feel like it! I love living in Stockholm more than anything else. I don't understand why anyone lives anywhere else. This is the dang place to be. I love where I live. In Hornstull, when we tell people that they are always surprised and jealous of how close we are to the city, I am sure if they saw the size of our apartment they would very quickly loose their jealousy. Needless to say, we are just nice and cozy at home. I will take some pictures next time we are on them, they are like NYC subways but like a million times cleaner. Okay... gross story. We were on the train and I was kinda not thinking just relaxing, looking out the window and watching everyone at the different stations we were going past. When we pulled up to a station I see this women that doesn't seem to be doing anything weird at all. Then she just leaned up against this wall and pulls her pants down! AHHH... She was going to the bathroom. I like yelled on the train, it was terrible. But I guess that is what happens when Sweden doesn't have free bathrooms. The worst thing about the entire situation is that is not my first experience with this. It 2014 but I guess not everyone has gotten the memo. #ew

On Saturday, we had a glorious day. I will start from the beginning. We started off with a baptism here in Hägersten, the other Elders had two people that were doing that! It was great and just an awesome service, the greatest part for me was that Sofia came from Linköping came! The Linköping branch is in Stockholm to have a temple day, so she was able to come from the Temple Guest House for that. Then it gets better, we went back to the Temple with her and we did baptisms for the dead with her and the members from the Linköping branch, it was so great to see them and catch up with all of them.  It reminded me how many people I have served with, that is a small branch and seeing them all just reminded me how great they all are. Then after baptisms were over, the other Elders came and we did a session in the Temple. Amazing. Seriously, incredible. It was amazing to have the reminders of what we are, who we are what we stand for! I loved it so much, it made me really excited to be home and be able to go all the time. I loved it.

After the temple we met back up with Sofia and we went into Stockholm to get some food. She wanted to take us out somewhere nice (she is a saint)  so we went into Gamla Stan (Old Town) which is like the NICE part of town and we went to a 5 star restaurant, I honestly couldn't believe it. The meal was heavenly... I got Reindeer. I am so sorry Rudolph, but his brother was very yummy. I loved it. We had a great time and it was seriously like the nicest trip ever, but the greatest nice didn't even stop there!

We then went to Stockholm Central to meet with our most promising investigator. We took him to the YSA center and taught him there. The center is like a cool building in the middle of Stockholm where youth can go and they have activities and stuff. We talked with him a lot about baptism and how important that step was for him to take! We ended with him decided that he wanted to take that step! It was so excited! We are going to be getting a firm date this week but we are really excited! 

Well I am not feeling like writing a ton this week, so I am going to cut it short and just let you all know that I love Sweden, just in case you didn't know. This place has a spirit to it, and I believe with my whole heart, that even though, not everyone wants to listen all the time, the moral standards are remarkable low, and people are pooping in the streets... The Lord is here and he is blessing the lives of people here. I love to be a SMALL part of that. What a gift? I am going to be singing in church pretty soon, so get yourselves ready for that. Oh man... How great is this church? I love it. 

Don't worry about me, I am still skinny and loving it. haha

Your Swede, 

Äldste Farnworth

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