Monday, May 25, 2015

It is really cool to be a missionary in Jönköping right now! (5/25/15)

This week we have been blessed! We have had a ton of great things happen and like it is really cool to be a missionary in Jönköping right now! 

It is bit funny though, see we had such a good week and I also had a terrible sickness the whole week. My stomach is pretty angry at me and think it is personally trying to kill me. So that is good, I think it is just a virus but I wake up wanting to just die... but hey, at least I am still waking up. That is my positive spin. It hasn't been that bad, of course, but think of a cold that stays with you for about 3 weeks. It is getting to that point where like I am just ready to have this pass.

"My new hat" Selfie
We had a really cool day on Tuesday though, we had to switch our P days around because it was Elder Pearson's birthday! It was really awesome! He is 22 now, it was pretty fun to have another birthday just a week after mine! We started with a breakfast at Marina's place and it was really cool, they got him a whole bunch of funny presents and such. Then we went to this really cool place! It was like a complete swamp!

Throughout the whole thing though, there were these planks that you walked on to get through it, they were like pretty thin so it was really adventurous and super cool! At the end there was a forest and we took like a ton of pictures! It was really fun. We got pretty creative, I had a blast! Then we went out to the like best place I think I have ever been. It was on this cliff that over looked the whole lake, we built a fire right on the edge and Pearson played his Guitar and we just had a good time! Like it was a perfect day, nothing I can complain about at all. Marina planned the whole day and it was pretty great for elder Pearson, I think he was really happy! Birthdays are the best. 

Pearsons Birthday

We were able to take another trip to the island, this time for missionary work. We went and met with The Wall family. They are really cool! They live in the most beautiful place ever. I swear, Jönköping is just like amazing when it comes to landscape! It is unreal! They live in the middle of nowhere and I love it so much! She took us on a little adventure to the beach and around the island. It was really cool. We had a really good message and really good meal, very blessed missionaries! There are such great people here!

We had a really good week in Göteborg, we had Zone Training. It was really awesome! We got some really good help from the missionaries that led that. It was really cool seeing everyone in the zone and see all my friends! Sister Powell went on splits back in Jönköping so we were able to talk all about life on the train ride home. It was so sick. That night we had a great dinner with all the cool people here. It was a classic day. 

Ice Cream on a summer day!
Saneeka is da best.
There is a new face here in Jönköping though, her name is really hard, Saneeka... You have no idea how long it took me to get her name down... Like it's a joke. But I can say it now! Anyways, she is awesome. We have spent a lot of time with her and it is basically really cool. From what I understand, she is a member but kinda lost ties with the church like 5 years ago. She is here visiting Marina and she has really been so cool. I think she might be moving to Jönköping soon, so that is something we are praying happens! 

I can't think of anything to say, I am drawing a blank... even though we did a lot. I am just really tired! I will include a lot of picture to make up for it! Yesterday in church was really good. I was just strengthened in all my classes from one
way or another. Christoffer (aka Prince Charming) gave a really great lesson in Priesthood. It was from the talk "On Being Genuine" from the last conference, President Ucthdorf did such a good job with that! I think that the talk is so good and tell us not to hide or anything just to be ourselves and be our best. Not being someone that we aren't, but not just accepting who we are but also trying our best! It was really nice. 

I hope everyone has a great week! Sorry this is a quick and quite random! Love you all!

Äldste Farnworth 

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