Monday, June 1, 2015

there is a reason to still love it here. (6/1/15)

This week has been an adventure! We have done so many cool things and there have been a lot of great people that were in it! Summer was supposed to be here by now but it isn't. Like to be fair, sometimes we get some warm weather for a few hours but over all, we are dealing with cold wind and rain. I even wore my winter coat for a good part of this week! So that is the "hate" part of my "love-hate relationship" with good ol' Sweden. The best part of the rain though, is that everything is so green and beautiful. So there is a reason to still love it here. 

Swedish Fikas
I taught my second district meeting this week, it was super stressful! I really wanted it to be the best it could be! The theme was a lot about commitment giving and so on. But I really wanted to talk about the Atonement. I came to realize after talking with Elder Pearson that commitments are really just opportunities that we are giving people to accept the Atonement in their lives and wanting to use it to change. It turned out really good. It was cool, I use a video that Zach sent me while I was in Gävle. It is called Missionary Work and the Atonement. That video literally changed my mission when I watched it and after showing it to the district I could tell that it meant a lot to them as well. 

Saneeka was here for most of the week, it was really cool to have her here and that she wanted to spend so much time with us. On Tuesday, she was with us the whole day throughout all of our lessons and visits. It was so cool. We ended our night together at the Salo's house. It was so much fun, I love their boys so much. They remind me a lot of Gävle, so that automatically makes me love them but they are also like just the funnest kids ever. We had a great time with this and that. I taught one of the boys to do the Rubik's cube, so that was fun. It was cool to see Saneeka develop such good friendship and to see members open their homes for new people! The day and evening was a huge success and loads of fun.

Monday, the 25th of May, is the day I stepped into the league of culinary masterfullness. Robin and I were in charge of creating a new type of dessert dish. We took Swedish brownies and Swedish pancakes, and through careful planning and thought and a lot of obnoxious Chef Ramsey quotes, we created a piece of art. We called it Pannekladd . It was really good, so good that mere words can't describe it. I will be forced to release pictures. It was the greatest night, we had a lot of fun. The youth here are the best. 

yes, I got a selfie stick
I went to Skövde this week again, it was the best. Every time I go back there I realize that I was so blessed to be able to serve those people and create the relationships that have lasted a while now. We met with a lot of awesome people, one of them being Daniel! My old branch Mission Leader, it was really good to be with him and have a classic Taco Night! That is like up there with one of my favorite things about this country and the Swedish culture, the acceptance of tacos. It is huge here and that bringth me great joy. 

So many fun people in church
Sunday was the best Sunday we have had in a while. It was so great, I woke up and saw a text from this guy ( he came to learn volleyball with us when we played on the beach a few weeks ago) he told us that he wasn't busy anymore and wanted to meet! So I texted him back invited him to church.. he accepted the invitation! Then I thought to invite this other Less Active lady we were planning on meeting on Tuesday of upcoming week. She replied saying that she was already on her way and she was ready to come "home after 20 years!" So basically, it was not even 9:00 when I knew today would be awesome. When we went to church I really felt great, we greeted our two guests and helped them feel welcomed then during the first hour of church, we had another less active walk in! I was feeling really happy, it was a great day. I feel super thankful for the people that the Lord is helping me serve here. 

Overall, I really liked this week, there were struggles and ups and downs like every week has but in the end I am happy so to me that means all the bad stuff wasn't that bad! I think that is something that I have really learned a lot on my mission. That wherever there is something good and worth while there will also be something against that thing, we believe in opposition in ALL things. In the darkest room that seems to have no light at all, can be taken over by the light of the smallest spark . Darkness has power until the smallest amount of light comes then the darkness loses all power it once had. When we try to be the best we can there will be those who are against us as well. We need to understand those around have only as much power and darkness as we allow them. "Där det finns ljus skingras mörker."

elder Farnworth

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