Monday, June 29, 2015

När du vill någonting verkar hela universum för att du ska uppnå det. (6/29/15)

Goodbye Buddy!
Well this week was another week of change but it is something that I have never dealt with before. It is the official beginning of the end. My last transfer, I find myself thinking every once in a while what I think will happen in the next transfer and then I catch myself and realize: "oh, I am just going home" My brain can't seem to wrap itself around that logic. Which is like whatever, it will come hopefully. I feel that the Lord is blessing me with a lot of strength, in the last days of the last transfer we had I really was concerned how I was going to be able to finish but as soon as I picked up Elder Dickson and the day continued on I got this new strength that is different but something that I think will be able to carry be until the end. I am really excited for these next few weeks! They should be amazing! Jönköping is going to be a great place to end!

Elder Pearson, Me, Saneeka, Nikolas
It was harder then I thought it was going to be to say goodbye to Elder Pearson, it was like the coolest person ever. We had a little things that were different, actually we were quite different but we really became good friends! He is a really amazing missionary and it was so much fun to spend so much time together. The last few days together were really fun. We had a good Family Night with the Salo Family, we invited Saneeka to come with us and we helped them a little with a few thing then we played this epic zombie board game. It was really awesome, unfortunately, the zombie force was too much and we died. But we were so close to winning! I feel like I could make a gospel connection to the whole situation but maybe that wouldn't be the best thing. I was a great night though, I am super thankful to them for being so awesome. 

Throughout the week we have been having a lot of summer time activities, we are trying to create easy environments to have people invite in people! It has been really fun to do it, we played Volleyball, had a few picnics, and just had some great meals! I love Jönköping and it is so fun the work we do here. We have some of the most amazing people that we are working with and we are finding new people every day! I love this chance I have to come out and make such strong relationships with so many AMAZING people. In this week I have really seen that my connection with Sweden will not die when my name tag comes off and I leave. There are people in this country that I know will effect me for the rest of my life. I love them so much and I get so much love from them. It seems with the people that we are working with, that just as much I have something to teach them, they all have something to teach me. That thought alone has changed the way I interact and treat people, we all have something to learn from every single person we meet. Of course, it can't always be a huge life changing thing but it can change us if we allow it to. 

Sweden wins the beautiful prize... again.

Church was really cool, like it usually is. First off, I love that we have an "investigator" basic doctrine class... It is the best! I learn so much! haha I think it is funny to say that but really like that class make me think and realize the little things that are so obvious in the church. I think it is really awesome. We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy, something I have never really questioned or worried about but after this class I like understood for the first time what it really means and why it such an important commandment! Christer, the ward mission leader, is a really good teacher. He is so passionate about he gospel and I think it is awesome. 

Elder Dickson, Saneeka, and Me!
These are probably going to start getting shorter and shorter, not because we aren't doing thing but simply because I am getting a little bored of writing. I will throw a few pictures up and that will make up for the lack of text.  The last little thought that I want to share is the power of ones self will. I firmly believe that we can do whatever we want and we can achieve anything we are willing to fight and never give up on. We have been giving everything we need from a loving God, we just need to do all we can and never give up.

 There is this quote from a book I was told that has become a good motto for me, in Swedish is says: "När du vill någonting verkar hela universum för att du ska uppnå det." and in English: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." we can do anything that we really put our minds to. There are so many moments I have seen that this is true in life and on my mission. I know that God has a plan for us and he wants us to be happy and fulfill our dreams! He is our loving Father, why wouldn't he want what is best for us?  There are things that I wanted to gain on my mission that I never thought I could achieve about half way through I realized I was the only thing stopping me for achieving them. Once I stopped limiting myself and started letting the world help me to change I have seen miracles and absolutely amazing things. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to change our thinking and realize that we are children of a King! We can't afford to forget that! 

I love you all, I am thankful for everyone in my life that is helping me achieve and become the person I want to be and helping me achieve all the great things of the world! My time is coming to an end soon, but I am excited and convinced there is a lot more for me to learn and grow from! Hopefully, you have a great week! Don't worry about Elder Farnworth because I am just fine! 

Äldste Farnworth

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