Monday, June 15, 2015

For you, my mother. (6/15/15)

This week has gone by so fast is it insane! We have been going and going and going! We have really done a lot and it is super cool. I really feel like we are doing a lot of good and really it is helping the people here a lot.

The best selfie of my life. 
We spent the week with a lot of other missionaries, we went on Splits with a pair of elder from the city of Borås on Wednesday, I was with Elder Carrigan there and it was a lot of fun. He is a pretty young missionary but he is really awesome at teaching! I was very surprised it was a great. We had a good time with the sisters there also, sister Stoughton and sister Giles. They were all so great. It was a really fun day!

We then went to Skövde for districts meeting which was themed with  "What is our drive as missionaries?" it was a really good meeting. I love teaching those so much. I really feel like our district is really close and we get into some really great discussions and just have a great time. After district meeting we had a Taco party and a party is was! We had the best tacos in the world. All-in-all I think that our district is the best.

Cleaning the font like a boss!
After that we had a great time with the Zone Leaders when they came for splits on Saturday also! I took Elder Stanett to go with me to visit Carina! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it was such a great moment. I really love teaching her cause he understands the importance of it all! She is so amazing  and so close to the spirit. Such an great opportunity to have her as someone to work with. She is still planning on being baptized this Saturday and we are just running around trying to ensure that it is the best day for her! What a huge blessing she is to us. She loves to send is these little picture quotes every once in a while and I love getting them! She is so close to Christ and yesterday in church she really expressed that she is simply being baptized to show her God that she wants to follow him 100%. It literally strengthen my testimony to be around her and be able to enjoy the spirit she brings!

For you, my mother.
Last week I got an email from my mother which was a fun one. She told me to cut my hair, now I don't know if you all know me who reads this but my hair is very important to me. It is truly amazing the control a mother can have over her children from thousands of miles away! She simply told me that if I loved her... I would cut it. After being completely wishy washy about the cut, on Saturday I decided to sacrifice all that is near and dear to me to show that I Love My Mother. She is pretty great and I hope that it is clear to everyone now that, I love her! Of course, I am very dramatic about this all, but hey, why not.

Always end up buried at
Beach Volleyball.
We had a sick night with a bunch of members and Victoria this week! We played a little board game that was really so sick! This ward is just full of some of the best people here that want to create situations that friendships can come out of. I think that is such an important part of missionary work is allowing the members to be apart and creating long lasting friendships that regardless of what choices people make concerning the church, they know that they will always have a place that is full of friends. That is the gospel to me, have people that are wanting the best for you. Having a support team and a family.  The world is a hard place, there are tragedies that happen all the time and having someone or somewhere to turn to can mean the world. That is part of our role here on earth, to be that person people can turn to! Something I am taking home with me for sure. I always want to be that person people can turn to and always receive support and strength.

I love my mission, it has taught me so much I am learning and grow every day! It amazes me what can happen when I allow the Lord to mold my life and my character. He is my shepherd and my light. I love him and trust him enough to allow him to guide me to where I need to be. I know this to be true. I love you all! Thank you for the endless love and support I receive everyday! I have so much to be unbelievably grateful for.

Hope you have a great week,

Äldste Farnworth

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