Monday, June 22, 2015

The Lord sent Carina to the missionaries at this time to strengthen me. (6/22/15)

Hello Family!

(The May Pole)
This week has been a week to remember. We have had a lot going on and we did it all! It was a good week. We can start with the biggest holiday I would think that Sweden has other than Christmas, maybe. Midsommar! Basically they celebrate that it is the middle of summer and that it is actually here, I think it roots from the sad fact that winter is so terrible they literally feel the need to celebrate that it is gone. Hey, I don't blame them one bit! We had the chance to go to Göteborg and be with a lot of missionaries! It was like, really fun. We had a lot of energy, I think we took most of the Swedes by surprise but we really celebrated that day! They have this giant pole that is like the center of the holiday, and it is like symbolic for a lot of different things. I think the most common interpretation is that the pole it like fertilizing the earth for the summer. A rather awkward symbolism but tradition is tradition. I will insert some pictures and you will know what I mean. We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful city of Göteborg and great weather! I have like a lot of pictures, so we will see which ones end up getting sent out! 

We dressed in black to honor
Elder Cushing's last
district meeting
Other that the little vacation to Göteborg this whole week has been centered around Carina and getting her ready for baptism. She definitely chose the intense course, only having less then two weeks to teach her everything cause us to have these really long lessons with her, I don't think I have met too many people on my mission that would have been able to be taught that way but she is a special one! I can't believe it. To paint you a picture of what I mean, when it came to 'the commandments' lesson we taught them ALL in 3 hours. Oh man, it was an amazing lesson! You would think that would be more like a checklist lesson, but it was really a huge testimony builder for me. We had really good discussions about all the commandments and after teaching them and testifying of them it was really cool to see my understanding of them widen. I swear, at times I think that the Lord sent Carina to the missionaries at this time to strengthen me, it would be a successful move on his part. She really has been such a light in out lives.

Midsommar in Selfies

The baptism service on Saturday went so well! Of course, I was stressing the whole time like I do, but everything went really smoothly. One thing I always notice is the literal glow that the baptismal candidate has around them after they have been baptized, it is like really clear that they are so close to Christ and God in that moment. It is a pretty amazing moment. The next day in church, I was given the chance to confirm Carina a member of the church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was really special. I just feel overall very honored to be apart of this whole process! 

Pretty Baptism Picture
To be honest, this week was full of those things, and a few member meals here and there! On Monday, we had the best Family Home Evening. It was with the Salo family, and it was about the Creation. Namely, the bugs of the earth. Basically we talked about how God created everything that is and then we went out and caught a whole bunch of spiders and bugs and watched them eat each other. Sounds pretty gruesome, but it was awesome. I love that family so much! The only other things that I can think about is Transfer calls came on Saturday and I will be staying in Jönköping my last 6 weeks! In mission speak, I will be "dying" here! I am really excited I think it will be awesome to have this be the last place I serve! This transfer is the official beginning of the end. The worst part is that I will be saying goodbye to Elder Pearson and Karin (our imaginary friend), we have becoming really good friends! He will do great things in Sweden! I am so happy I was able to serve with him.

I also saw that Jacob got his mission call and I got so excited because I know these people that are from there in Gävle and they taught me a few things in Albanian, it is like the coolest language ever!! He is so lucky and he is going to get his own little experiences and I just love it all so much! I am so excited for him. Gosh, he is such a stud and he is going to be the best missionary! I am a proud older brother! 

I love you! We will talk soon, I hope everyone has a great week!

Äldste Farnworth 

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