Monday, June 8, 2015

I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book from God. (6/8/15)

There were a lot of moments in this week that I feel like as a missionary you know that they will come or things that you can see others doing but you never really truly believe that they can happen for yourself.

This sign is great
The Sun was up this week! It is FINALLY feeling like summer time! I can so happy with it, not only is the sun out but the warmth is coming too! I mean, it is about time, we are almost half way through JUNE! We are enjoying it though and it makes mostly every part of missionary work a little more enjoyable. We have really enjoyed this week! We spent a few days down in Göteborg for a Zone Conference! It was really good and it was so nice to get that little break and be able to "recharge" the batteries a little. The Conference was really good, they really did a great job at helping the missionaries feel what they were trying to teach us. I really liked Sister Beckstrand's talk, she spoke a lot about The Atonement. That has become my favorite topic in the gospel. I think has a lot to do with my companion as well, Elder Pearson feels really strong about the Atonement and most of the lessons we teach are based all around the Atonement. I really gained a lot from the Conference and really gave me a drive to finish the rest of my mission with a strong desire to let this be known. 

Fun Conference Pictures

The Conference was also special because I was able to give my farewell testimony to those who were there. One of those things I knew would come at some point in the future but never really pictured it ever REALLY happening. It was an amazing experience to be able to tell the younger missionaries how thankful I am to have the chance to serve here and grow in the ways that I never thought that I would. It was really a great moment for me to see the growth I have made here. I can very clearly see that I am not the person that came into this mission, the Lord has truly changed me into who he wants me to become and I am so grateful for it. I am excited for the time I have left to really give the Lord everything I've got! It will be a good few months!

I love this kid.
This Sunday was probably the highlight of the last few months for me. It was so amazing, we had a multi-stake Conference with Finland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, and Ireland. It was amazing, Elder Holland spoke and I just can't believe how amazing his talk was. It really like changed my entire testimony. He spoke about the Book of Mormon. I haven't been so strongly impacted by a talk in that way in a very long time. It really satisfied my every thought and potential doubts I have had about the Book of Mormon. He talked about the times in his life that he has received testament of the truthfulness for himself considering the matter. It made me also take sometime to reflect when or if I have received such a promised testimony and I remembered very well that in the MTC about 2 years ago I had! Having that experience and having Elder Holland build upon that really brought me to realized that I can not deny that I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book from God! It was such a joy filled moment when I was able to say that and have no thoughts of doubt or anything that could convince me to think otherwise. 

Miranda with the Bishop! Awesome.
There is this lady that we have recently gotten in contact with, I think I have told a little about her, she hasn't had anything to do with the church in probably 20 years and then she emailed the bishop about wanting to come back after her daughter had a religion fair at school and brought back a Book of Mormon. It sparked the flame that she had within her and she wanted to have it back. She came to church last week and then again yesterday. Yesterday, we found out that she actually took her name of the church records when she was younger. This made her actually really excited because it meant that she would be able to be re-baptized and have that chance to start fresh and begin her life as an active follower of Jesus Christ. We met with her and it was so cool. She is very excited to be baptized and we set the date for the 20th of June! We are really excited for her! We have a just a little amount of time to teach her and prepare her for the step she is going to take but we are confident that she will be ready and you can already tell that her desires are pure and that the Lord will be there with her. I am pretty excited about these next few weeks we show see a lot of good stuff!

Skövde in the different seasons of the year!

Well that is about it this week. Only good stuff! I love it here and am so grateful for the people I have a chance to serve here, at times I feel like they help me more than I help them! Hope that you are all doing well and you have a great week!

Look for the good, you will find it!!

Äldste Farnworth

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