Monday, July 6, 2015

They were climbing UNDER the train!! (7/6/15)

Summer is so awesome!
Well this week we have been holding on with white knuckles! We have just been going and going and going! You always know it is going to be a great and fast week when you are completely booked by Monday evening. We were ready for it though! To give you an idea of how much we travel, I think I could honestly say that we spent 15 hours on Trains, and Buses this week! It is totally crazy. 

We got a referral for this guy named Olof. He apparently was really interested in the gospel and we were really excited to go and meet him. He only sent his address, so we went to Eksjö to contact him! After 2 hours of travel and tracking down his address in the warm Swedish summer heat, we came to the conclusion that he does not exist. It was tough break but the address didn't match up at all. We didn't want the whole trip to be a waste and we decided we were there for a reason. We contacted and taught a few people about The Book of Mormon and it was a really nice visit to be honest! I loved it. One lady that really meant a lot, after we had given her a Book of Mormon, I felt really strongly that she needed to know that she has a Heavenly Father that LOVES her and knows exactly what she is going through, it was definitely that small moment that stuck with me. Hopefully it was what she needed too! Trip to Eksjö = successful. 

I love this kid!
We went on exchanges with Skövde again this week! I love Elder Harrison! This was my second time going with him and he is just the straightest shooter! Gosh, he is the best. We had such a good day and we really talked a lot, there are too many good things to mention about that day. There is one crazy thing that happened though! We had to take a train that evening from Skövde to Göteborg to stay the evening for Zone Training the next day, and while we were stopped in Falköping (a city outside of Skövde) there was this crazy incident with these guys that would refuse to let the train leave. How? They were climbing UNDER the train!! I have never seen anything like that in my life. It was totally insane, it was all happening right outside our window so I took so pictures, but they probably wouldn't be the best to send. I don't want to have any problems. It was crazy though! 45 minutes we waited for the Police to come and stop them so we could leave! Of course, elder Harrison and I made a bigger deal of it among the other missionaries.... But hey, when not to much crazy stuff happens in Sweden you got to take advantage of stuff when it comes!! Haha 

I think Beach Volleyball is officially my favorite sport. Jönköping loves to play, we play all the time. I ain't complaining one bit! It is really awesome, the Friday Night Activity that missionaries do has simply become Volleyball. It is so much fun! We finally have summer here so it is really nice! I don't mean to brag but I am like pretty awesome at Volleyball! Just sayin' 

This week was AMERICA'S birthday! I am sure this is not news to any American reading this but to everyone else! We had the greatest celebration ever! All the Americans in the ward gathered and we met at the Strömberg's house! The best part? The Strömbergs are from England! I thought it was quite ironic that we were celebrating our independence from England with the very Brits themselves! It was actually really a lot of fun! British people have really grown on me, I might even say that I am starting to like British people. The party was a lot of fun, we sang the National Anthem and had American Flag cake and just had a blast! I am so grateful we have such amazing people here to allow us to have such a good time!! 

Sunday was the Holy Day. It usually always is, but this Sunday was just awesome. I love church so much. I am seriously going to miss coming to church in Sweden. Everything just sounds so much better in Swedish. I'll be the first to say that! We had testimony meeting today, which I just love. There were so many people that have amazing testimonies, including Saneeka! I loved hearing her speak, it was really cool! She is awesome. I gave my testimony about God be our Loving Heavenly Father. I just feel so strongly about that right now! I feel like I need to be sure that EVERYONE knows that before I leave! I really have come to know that He is not just the all-knowing, all-seeing being that watches over us all the time, but he is a loving and compassionate father that knows us, loves us and wants what is best for us! I have come to know this through hardships and trials that I never thought I would face but the knowledge I have now makes all those Hardships and trials something I am thankful for. I love my Father.

The coolest flower ever... Löjtnantshjärtan!

Äldste Farnworth

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