Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Great Week!

This week was another great week. It's was a bummer because we got canceled on by quite a few people but I turned out wonderful! All about the attitude, but it was really was such a good week! We taught a few new people and got 2 more investigators and they all are so positive! I love it! Halloween was this week. It was so weird not being at home for the holiday but it was just Halloween so it's not like crazy weird or anything. It is a newer holiday here so we saw some people dressed up but not a ton. People just generally look strange here most days so some just throw on some eyeliner and call it a costume. You pretty much have two extremes here. You have the people that are awesome and dress really nice and have all the great things from H&M, and then you have the really scary people. Like I love everyone of course, just sometimes I am scared for my life. JK

So this past week we had a District Meeting and for us it takes two hours to get there by bus so we normally have to leave early. But this week we stayed the night before so we didn't have to get up super early. It was so much fun. The elders that we stayed with were way cool.

SIDE NOTE: Because of THE STORM OF THE CENTURY (I'll talk about that later), all the trains our of  Göteberg were setting cancelled. Like 5 minutes before they were going to leave they would just shut down and then speakers would talk in mumbling Swedish so I was hopeless in understanding that, so I would just assume that they were cancelled. Anyways, this is the magical part. The LAST train that was permitted to leave the station was a train to... Skövde! So the Trollhätten elders were just trying to get out so they took our train. So on this train ride we were bored so I decided to tell a story, and it ended being this huge 2-hour story! It scared everyone from our district so they all really liked it.

Anyways, back to staying the night. So we were there and they asked me to tell the 2nd half to the story and it took forever! It was like 3 hours. We were up so late. It wasn't good when we had to wake up the next morning at 6:30... but it was so worth it. Another fun thing about that night, is that I had to sleep on the pull-out couch and honestly I think I might have contracted some disease. I pulled it out and was just disgusted. But I slept on it. So look at me … I am growing. Not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. 

So anyway this storm. It's like all over the new papers and all over the train station and they closed down all the trains and everyone is freaking out and then BAM! Nothing happens! It rained, and was windy. I guess it was bad down south, but it was nothing up here. But we had a great night in. So that was super funny. 

So this week we had a few really great lesson and have some promising investigators! I am really excited! The biggest thing that happened was that we talked to this man we have been meeting with for the last little bit about coming back to church and he is just amazing. Such a humble man! Really I think I am getting more out of these lessons than he is! Let’s hope that is not true! He finally came to church the next day! I was so happy I could have cried! It was the greatest thing to see all the branch members talking with him. After it was all over he came over to us and just thanked us. He was so happy to be there. He told us that we had completed our purpose. At that point I was holding back tears. I just felt so lucky that God choose to make this all happen trough me. I was seeing the outcome of all my hard work! SO great!!

Well that is about it. Thanks so much for all you are doing on that end! I will be praying that you feel better! You are an amazing mother! Don't worry about me with this weather, It's nothing! I can see the sun for the first time in like 1½ weeks so it is going to be a great day! I am also getting a Swedish haircut! To ask someone if they can cut your hair, you are saying direct translation: "Will you cut me?" So that is sketchy... Oh well hope I don't die! I love you all! I have some picture so look for those!

Love you so much!

Äldste Farnworth

Chinese food in Sweden. Go figure...

So this is what is looks like from my window...

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