Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Have Faith That...

This week has been a long week. Not in a bad way but just long, not sure why. I saw the blog and it looks so cool. Thank you so much for all you are doing for that. I can't wait to have that to look back on. I saw all the picture of the day that I went into the MTC, I haven't seen those yet. They are so sad, but also so cool to see. I have grown so much from that little boy. I guess I can see why people called me "buddy" or "kiddo" I really was just a child. Oh what the heck I still am a child, I just have a badge that says otherwise now.
Sweden just gets prettier and prettier, it is finally starting to get what I call "Stupid Cold" like where it is like 1 or 2 degrees above freezing and I just am like Pick one! It just rains almost every day. The best way to describe it is like being under a mister. That is what the rain is, some times it is like rain drops but some times it's like you are walking through crazy thick fog. I don't know you just have to experience it. I have started to pull out the thermals. Okay I actually did a long time ago but I am out in the open with it. My companion finally did to and he told me he was wishing he did sooner. It just is so awesome. I wear scarfs everyday. It's like amazing, I will describe it like having a baby fuzzy bear wrapped around my neck giving me a hug all day. Just wonderful. 

So last week for P day we went to Göteborg and did laser tag. It was so much fun. It's like a big thing here. They have this huge place that has like 2 floors and tons of different rooms, I don't know maybe they have those in the States and I haven't been there but it was so much. I will be honest and I am sure this comes as no surprise but I did terrible. I had a great time though so that is all that matters. Then we had the best thing in the world I don't know if I have talked about this before but I will tell you again. It's called Kebab Pizza, It's a normal cheese pizza with this mystery meat that I am not sure what it is. I have been told it is like the leftover meat from when they are slaughtering a pig but I don't know it just taste good so I don't care. Then they put fries and this dressing that just makes for a great pizza. Speaking of food, I love the food here. I may be gaining weight. Not sure where it is going because I still look like a stick but hey the scale doesn't lie. In the past week I did a cleanse. I drank only cucumber water for a whole week. Don't worry I eat food to just stayed really healthy. But it was really good, they have this stuff called Soft, here and it is just like a concentrate of juice and you add it to water and some people put so much Soft in the water, like its supposed to be like 10% Soft sometimes I drink some and think that there is only 10% water. Crazy.  That is something I am working changing the phrase "I hope that..." To I have faith that..." Just a better mind set I think. Anyways thanks for doing that and I am so excited to get my Christmas package so early. I promise I won't open anything til Christmas Eve. That is another really weird thing, Christmas isn't even the big holiday here. The big day is Christmas Eve, that is when the Santa troll comes and give the presents. I was worried we wouldn't have plans for that day but don't worry we have been invited to spend it with this Lady from Chile! Yes, I told her about Zach and we are trying to find out where he is and where her family lives there, How cool would that be if they could be in Zac's area? So cool. She is amazing, just the nicest lady ever.  Speaking of members... I have a stalker. His name is Daniel. (You can put this all in the blog I have talked with him. :) I think I have talked a little about him before but he really is big into picture editing. He is really good. He sent me some of his work. I'll send those along so you can see. He is super creepy. But I think it is so funny. He is our Branch Mission Leader so we meet with him a lot and I can always tell when he has read my blog because he will like quote something I said. It was funny, he thinks that my cucumber idea was just to funny so when we had dinner with him this week, he made me make the "special water" He is a dork, but I like him. 
So we had the Elder stay with us this week and that is always just a way funny time. They cam in late so we just talked and went to bed. The next morning I followed the advice of Zach and I made everyone breakfast. It was pretty impressive if I do say so. I made buttermilk Pancakes, Bacon and homemade Buttermilk Syrup. It was so good. I really loved doing it too. I decided whenever we have some missionaries stay the night in Skövde, I will make sure they have a good breakfast the next morning. I was just a fun time!

We have met with a few really promising investigator I have faith that we will have a few baptismal dates within this next week! I am really excited. We watched a ton of the How to Effectively Plan" video this week as a part of my 12 week training and I wanted to really apply it to own companionship and so we did and holy cow. It is amazing how dramatic the change has been when we just spent a little more time with a few different parts. So cool, We are really figuring out how to get the most done with our time. It's amazing the miracles that I have already seen since I have been here. I truly feel SO blessed. My testimony has grown so much and I have learned to put so much trust in the Lord because he WILL deliver us from ANYTHING. Something that I have thought a lot about is that is doesn't matter if we are imperfect or not everything we want us to be, as long as we are in the Hand's of the Lord everything will be okay. The Lord can only make things stronger if they are broken. This is so powerful to me. I really helps me to KNOW that it doesn't matter that I can't do it all or handle every situation perfectly as long as I try my hardest and am humble enough to allow the Lord to bless me... I am going to make it though the tough time and become STRONGER. Okay there is my little spiritual thought. 

So today for P day we went to this amazing castle. We took a little family trip, as a district. I left my camera in one of the sister’s bag so I will wait to tell about it til I have the pictures. We took a ton of Family Pictures and I will be the first to say that we are a dang good looking family. It was just an amazing day. I am happy. I am grateful to be here! I love you all and am praying from each one of you daily! Sorry I don't have to much to say today, this week is a blur. Crazy. I don't know how the week just all mesh together but I look back on weeks and can't even remember anything. I will probably read my blog when this is over and be just as surprised as you guys! I can't wait. Love you all. I hope you have great week. Thanks again for everything.

Äldste Farnworth

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