Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring is here! (4/14/14)

My Dear Family,

This week has been really good! It was kind of a hard week seeing that last week we were so busy we weren't able to have a good planning session so that tends to carry over and make the following week a bit harder. But nonetheless this week was fun. We found out that one of the Elders here, Elder Steen (who is not my companion :) is moving to Malmö!  That is gonna be so cool for him. We are getting a new missionary here in Linköping. I think it will be awesome, he is Finnish and hasn't really been in the mission to long. So that will be a nice change of pace.

This work in Linköping is hard. Not like Skövde in any sense of the word. I love it of course, I just am being pulled and tugged in many different ways and it is amazing how much it can take from you. I am now starting to understand how missionary talk about being tired from their own missions. I truly understand. The work continues on, we met with our investigator this week, Mahin, she is great, I have so much love for her. She loves us missionaries as her children, when we asked her in what order she loves us, she said that "We are all her special sons, and in our own way we have different things she loves about us. " We have been talking a lot about baptism with her and I know she is so close! I would love to be here when she decides to take that step. She is so amazing, I look to her as an example. 

I got the email about Zachary, holy cow how the freak is he? That is terrible about the earthquake, seriously so scary. I'm glad he is ok.  I was bearing my testimony about the strength of members yesterday it was really cool to be able to testify that as members we are all families.  I told the story of Zachary and how strong they all were when they pulled together that was a really cool thing to talk about. That is why I love these small branches, we are seriously a small family. Everyone is very aware of everyone else and we just love each other.

This week has gotten better and better the more I watch conference! I have seen almost all of it! I just have the Sunday afternoon session but I think that I am going to watch that today! I absolutely loves the morning session of Saturday and Sunday! Honestly it was so good. Right now I think that the priesthood  session has the trophy in my eyes. I really enjoyed that.

Spring is here. The trees are so close to blooming and the flowers are going crazy, they have wild flowers that just grow like crazy around here. I love it, I will have to send pictures soon. I have already commented on the clothing issue, so I will just add that it is progressively getting worse and worse every sunny day. I love the sun, they literally set up benches that all these Swedes will just sit on and just soak up the sun. They close their eyes and just face the sun, it is the funniest sight.

Today we went to the park and just laid in the sun by this cool church. The sun feels so good. I love that I can feel it again. All throughout winter you can't feel heat from the sun. It is amazing to feel the warmth again. Makes me feel so happy. They say the the most productive time to work as a missionary in Sweden is during the summer so I am so excited to see everyone here become to happy! 
I am including a picture of the park we were at, it's the one with the church in it.

I can't believe that my birthday is coming so soon! I want it all to just slow down! I felt like I haven't been out that long, the school year is almost up too! That is crazy, Jacob will be a senior next year and Megan will be starting high school! I think that it just needs to stop, yes that would be great :)

I love it here, I am hoping that work picks up a little more but that will only come with hard work and pushing myself further than ever before! I love the people and missionaries around me! I am thankful for you as a mother and my wonderful support system. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!  

SÄldste Farnworth
It's spring in Sweden!

Aldste Farnworth and his comp Aldste Stoeltzing

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