Sunday, April 6, 2014

#that'sSwedenforya (3/31/14)

Thank you so much for getting that package going, that is awesome. It is now raining season here in Sweden so glasses are not the best things to have right now. Super annoying so I am looking forward to those contacts :) Thank you a ton. I am feeling much better. I really am, I have stuff that they gave me. I think it was like the flu but I never threw up, I just got a lot of fevers and stuff. Not fun but I am towards the end of it now so I am happy. Just coughing and crap like that, nothing to bad. I never went to a doctor but I had to buy some stuff to fix it. But that pain is compelety gone, so that is good! I have had a great week! It has been so warm here I am just very happy! They say that it will snow today but that is Sweden. Really though, one day we could have complete sunshine and it could be wonderful. Like amazing weather and then the next day.. BAM. Snow. I don't know what to think when that happens.

Another fun thing about warm weather is that what is happening to everyone clothes! They are disappearing! Like magic, dark evil magic that is. It really is crazy, I have seen more crap in this area than I have probably ever seen in my entire life. Maybe that is why God makes it randomly snow, so girls will put there clothes back on! Haha it isn't that bad, I am just being dramatic, but I do hear that it will get a lot worse as it get warmer and warmer. I need to get a pair of blinders or just learn to walk while starring at my feet, one of the two. The biggest problem is our neighbor who lives under us, she just loves to do all of her house work (cooking, cleaning. folding clothes...) Naked! It's so crazy, she even has blinds and just chooses to have them open! #that'sSwedenforya

This week has been a really good week with lessons and teaching. We have really put a ton of work into meeting and helping eveyone that would allows us to come! It really paid off though, I really felt super good about the work that we did. We have our investigator who is just progressing so much. Last night we had amazing lesson with her. We just plainly told her that baptism was something that would HELP her. She said that she would honestly think about it. I am pretty stong faith that she will enter into the waters of bapitsm soon! Then we have out other investigator, probably shouldn't throw out all of their names, there might be a rule against that. But she is also coming along very good, She said that she would try and come to family night tonight, so that is pretty exciting. I am really hoping that she comes! We met with her last night as well and that went really well. I think we will progress with her quickly, once she receives an answer about the Book of Mormon.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, I feel the effects of them very strongly. I love you all so much. I love you mom. You are the greatest I could ever ask for! Never forget that God loves us all so much, competely and fully! I can't believe that Max is skinny now, you need to send me pictures. Also just send me picture of the house I feel that you have changed so much! Can you believe that we talk to each other in like 2 months? Where is the time going, honestly could someone tell me cause I have not a clue.

Jag alskar alla er så mycket. Ni är fint. Hoppas ni alla har en jätte bra vecka!


Äldste Farnworth

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