Sunday, March 30, 2014

Can't Believe It's Been 7 Months

This week was really great week. Elder Landeen and I held out strong for the beginning of the week, then I sent him on his way to Katrineholm! It was a really good transfer, I learned a ton and I am super grateful to be able to be with Elder Landeen for the last 6 weeks. I can't believe that it has already have been here in Linköping for 6 weeks and on my mission for 7 months! Where is the time going? I want it all to slow down. I don't want to go home, like ever ... sorry. My new companion is really awesome. His name is crazy - I think it is Elder Stoeltzing he is from California and has been in Sweden for like 12 weeks, I am his senior companion which means pretty much if we screw up at all I am the one who gets in trouble. Haha just kidding I am supposed to also be his example! He is like already awesome so I don't know how I am suppose to help him. We will see.

So this week I got sick. Like it sucks, I have never missed my own bed so much. I was okay for the first part of the week but from Friday to Saturday it went downhill pretty fast, yesterday was the worst and I actually stayed home from church. It was my first time missing church in 7 months it was so weird. I just slept all day then at night the fevers started but it actually was good cause then they broke and today I am feeling good. Okay so yeah that is my illness in way more details than I am sure anyone cares to know. But yeah not to much happened this week, I have a spiritual thought to end this whole thing off:

So this week I have realized the difference between believing the gospel is true and knowing the gospel is true. I heard a really good talk from Elder Holland which really helped me see that even if we don't know that the gospel is true believing in it is so important as well. I am really earnestly been praying in the last while to feel those feelings of the beliefs that I know to be true. When I honestly and truly ask God for those feelings it was amazing to feel them so strongly in the next few days. I know and believe that God lives and know every single of His children by name. He loves us and wants us to come to him with open arms and allowing Him, through Jesus Christ, to change ourselves to become the children that he wants us to be. I am so grateful for the plan that The Lord has for me and that he has given me what he has. I love Him with everything I am. I am here for that reason alone. I love him.

I hope you all have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Äldste Farnworth

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