Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I finally saw it.. the Sweden Stockholm Temple! It was beautiful! (3/17/14)

Dear Mother, Father, and Friends. 

Well I would just like to start this email off by tell you that I am writing it with my brand new iPhone 5. Yes, you read that right, we got iPhones! That are like the coolest things in the entire world. As you can imagine they have these things pretty locked up, but they still make the work we are doing 100 times easier. I love them. So yeah that was a huge part of this week. The mission life is just becoming better an better. I have to send pictures of me apartment today, then you will see that I am a spoiled. All I am saying is there is NO complains on the quality of life here in Linköping. It is nice. 

So we got the transfer calls this Saturday and to no surprise I am staying here. Elder Landeen is going to Katrineholm! He is going to be a district leader there, so that is going to be so awesome for him. Only like 45 minutes away by train so not to far but he is going to love it! I am getting a pretty young missionary. He is just out of his training so I am pretty excited to get him. He was in Göteborg before, so I am met him a few times. He is a super nice and I am looking forward to serving with him. 

I finally saw it.. The Sweden Stockholm Temple! It was beautiful. I seriously was like blown away. It's weird being here in Sweden and not really seeing much of the church like you see in the states and honestly I like forgot what they looked like. So when I say it right in front of me it was like the first time I had seen a temple. I was down in Stockholm on Thursday for Zone Conference. It was really good. The first section of the meeting was tribute to Elder Bailey. It was really amazing. Sister Newell spoke as well as President Newell. There were a few others who spoke, including his old companions, it was really amazing. They related it all to the temple and really how that is how we can help those missionaries who are working on the other side. It was a really cool thought. We must go to the temple and help out our missionaries on the other side. That is my homework/commitment to you all, everyone that can, go to temple this week! It changes and blesses everyone involved. It was a really cool way to look at the situation. 

We had a really good lesson with our investigator yesterday, we have really been pushing for baptism with her. Mainly because she is a member in every other way possible. She is just amazing. She has such a strong testimony, and really shows it. She just needs to see that this step of baptism is just going help her in every part of her life. The spirit was really strong during the lesson and it was really cool to have that feeling that I have the ability to be a vessel that the Lord could use. I just sat and listened to what she was telling us and it was weird that didn't think about what I was going to say next, I allowed the spirit to take over. It was really a great moment. We had a member who has helped to fellowship her. It was a ton a fun with her. I took a funny picture with our new iPhone :) so I will include that.

Well that's about it.  I have a ton of pictures I am sending.  I love you, have a great week!
Äldste Farnworth
The Stockholm Sweden Temple!

Elder Muirbrook and me, he goes home on Wednesday! Crazy!

Elder Hills, Annelie, Me, Elder Steen, Elder Landeen

Kaleb's kitchen 
His apartment

Doing service!

Riding the bus 

Do you think Kaleb is a little OCD?

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