Sunday, August 24, 2014

We bike all the time...(8/11/14)

Let's see what happened this week.... I am at a loss. It was a great week though. I figure I will just start typing and the memory will come to me. We had a really great P day this week. We just spent the whole day in places that had Air Conditioning. For example, IKEA! It is really cool to see IKEA in Sweden cause it is almost the exact same as it is in Utah, it's funny because I was in the IKEA with my mom about a year ago, we where there for some reason and she was looking at all the things in Swedish and she told that she was so excited for me that in 2 years I would be able come back and read all the item names and know what they are. Well, sorry to disappoint but most of the Swedish that one would see in IKEA is made up. We were there with a member named Sofie and we were walking through the store with her and we were just making fun what all the things are called cause they just nothing. It was actually really fun! Then for Family Night we went to the church cause it was too hot to be out and running around. So we went and watch 17 Miracles it was a lot of fun actually. 

Then the week start and it was like just going and going and going, and the whole time just pretend like it is not killing you! We finally go rain on Tuesday, it was so nice and it was the day that we had to ride bike from Gävle to Valbo (a small city outside of Gävle) it took about 45 minutes to bike there and there wasn't to much rain when we started but God must have a sense of humor because about 5 minutes into the ride it was a complete DOWNPOUR. It was awesome! We were just pedaling our little hearts out and we were so wet! It was all worth it when we got to our appointment and the man asked what happened and he told him we biked... IT was pretty epic if you ask me. We bike ALL the time. It is awesome and it is getting me in shape again! I was pretty pathetic when I first starting going. I got tired pretty fast! now.. I still get tired but not as bad! 

Okay time for the missionary moment of the week! I have two for you guys this week! 

1: We were coming back from somewhere and after we got of the bus we decided we would go and contact people. There were these two guys that were walking so we choose them and started talking, did the whole opening and we got the response: "Sorry, Guys we don't speak Swedish!" (Sound familiar) So we switched to English and found out that they have only been here in Sweden for about 1 month! They are from Uganda. They are trying immigrate here. The way that works is that anyone can come here to Sweden but you go through a few phases, when you first get here, they send you to a housing place that is like step one. Then you relocated to anywhere they choose in Sweden and you stay there until you get either accepted for a visa or denied. So these guys were just at the end of step one. So they will be moving to who know where on Wednesday! ANYWAYS, they are so cool. They are born again Christians and they just want follow Christ and do what they can to be good! SO we invited them to Church and they were so excited about that! They even asked if we could met before that so we could explain more about what happens at church! It was Friday,so we set a time the next day to meet and teach them! It went really well actually! We had a great intro to the Book of Mormon and it was just so awesome. They came the next day to church and loved it! We are really hoping and praying that they get sent some where that missionaries can continue to teach them! Pray from them, please!

2: Okay I will make this shorter can this is turning into a really long email! We visited this less active couple on Tuesday and they really had a big impact on me! The wife was amazing. She has a lot of sickness and that is the main reason that she is unable to come to church. She has had cancer 7 times! We were talking about being positive and everything and she told this amazing story. She said that a few years ago the cancer was so bad that she was in bed all the time. She wanted so badly to be able to walk and be able to be out and about. Through a miracle a few years later she was able to walk again, she was in Stockholm and she was in the train station when a huge storm hit. It started raining really bad and everyone was running inside and complaining about the rain and such. She said she just remember back to being in bed years before and think how badly she wanted to be outside in all weather and so while everyone was running inside she ran outside! She went out and played in the rain and the Thanks The Lord for the blessing she had to be able to walk and enjoy the wonderful creation of the world. It was a really cool story cause she just was so grateful for something that everyone else had thought to be a bother. To her, it was a huge moment. She is now even more physically handicap but she is grateful forever think that she can do! She doesn't waste time focusing on anything she can't do! Truly inspiring!

Okay this is really long and I am sorry for that! Sweden is amazing. I wasn't able to meet with the President last week but that will be happening this week! So I am still looking forward to that! Should be a really cool experience. We have a great week again and I am excited to get going! I am hitting my 1 year mark in 10 days and I don't know what to think about that! I am so stoked to give this next year my all! 

I love hearing all about your great adventures that you are all having at home, it won't be long till I am there with you guys again! I love you so much and I hope that you have a great week! 

Äldste Farnworth

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