Sunday, August 24, 2014

This week I will be hitting my ONE YEAR mark!! (8/18/14)

Well this week has been a quick one! It just flew right on by! Pretty crazy! It is insane that this week I will be hitting my ONE YEAR mark! I can't even begin to explain how crazy that feels. Needless to say, we will be having a big celebration here. You can be expecting pictures for sure. It will be great! We worked hard this week and I am quite pleased with what we were able to do! Monday night was a good Family Night! We had like 20 people show up! That was amazing! (You have to think with the mindset that this was more people than ever came to church in Linköping) We were going to have a "Selfie Picture Savenger Hunt" but it was raining for we went with Plan B! So we ended up just playing Mofia. These Swedes are pretty brutal. They will just kill you so fast and they act super innocent after. It was a good revealing of everyone's true colors.

I got your amazing package Mother! Holy cow you are awesome! What a great surprise that was to get that at Zone Conference! That came right in time! It was awesome! All the American Goods! Yum! I finally met with my Mission President! Oh man, he is an awesome guy! It was really great! He is super nice and really like personable. His wife is super awesome as well. They just are really fun and understand that it doesn't have to be so serious all the time! It was really cool. However, when I did ask him a question about the gospel and we were talking about it he was really good at answering my question! It was so sick! I am super excited to work more with him in the future!

One of our investigator was moved on Wednesday... It kinda sucks because the night before we had such a strong lesson with him and I had really grown to love this guy. But the positive part is that he is in an area where is it possible for him to get to church and the missionaries are really excited to teach him more! So it's sad for me but I am happy with the turn out! The other one is still here though! We don't know when he will leave, so we were able to teach him a few more times this week and he came to church on Sunday it was super awesome! He is really cool! There is always like leftover clothes in missionary apartments so Elder Billodeau and I went through and found him a full suit that he could wear to church!  It was really cool to give that to him! He was really happy! He is really progressing as well. We are just dreading having him move as well. But everything has it purpose! We have faith it will all be okay!

Something that was a little out of the ordinary that happened this week was we got interviewed by the newspaper! So on Friday we will be in the newspaper, here in Gävle! It was a ton a fun doing the article. It was about "Life as a Missionary" so someone came and she just asked us a lot of question and it in the (3 hours later) we had taught her the entire missionary lessons. It was really cool and pretty fun! Then she sent us the pre draft for the article and she did a really good job! So I will send a picture of the newspaper when we get it this week! It will be all in Swedish but you can translate it if you want or just look at the pictures :) haha

In my efforts to keep this email short, I have a spiritual thought that a member told us last night and it stuck with me! She was talking about the final chapters of the Book of Mormon and how Moroni is all alone and then she asked us what it would be like for us if we were all alone. If we had no one else on the earth to strengthen us or help us stay on the path. Cause at that time he had no one. He literally was the last person alive. All he had was his relationship with his God. It was a really interesting thought. If we had no other members of the church, there were no leaders and it was just us. Would our own personal testimonies be enough? Would they be strong enough to continue to fight through the Adversary power? We need to find our own personal answer to that question. It was a really cool thought for him so I hope it was good for you guys too!

I love you so much! I hope you have a great week! This week we are going to Stockholm to have a big meeting with a Area Seventy! So I am excited!

 Stay positive!

Äldste Farnworth
 Arts and Crafts at the Sjökvist's house. They are the best. 

#SabbathDaySelfie #AntonandMe 

Swedish Art... #awkwardpicture

 This is my friend Sam. I call him Baloo and he calls me Mowgli. I like him a lot.

 Ocean Selfie! Sister Hill and Me 

Swedish Baseball... Brännboll. It was really fun!

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