Thursday, September 4, 2014

This is the Shirt Burning Ceremony! (8/25/14)

This is probably not going to be the best letter in the world. I am sick so I my whole energy levels are just brought down a little bit. The sickness is just a new thing, in the last little bit so this week has not been bad at all! It has actually just gone by so fast I am not sure what I am going to write at all!

 This is the Shirt Burning Ceremony! 




We can start with the conference that we had in Stockholm this week. It was really nice to be there in Stockhom and I am loved seeing all my friends there. We had the Area President of Europe come. It was really awesome to hear him, he gave a lot of really great counsel! It was super awesome and on the train ride home we sat next to these people from Belgium, they were so cool so we played cards with them and they were just asking a ton of questions about the church, they were on their way to the north of Sweden to do a huge hike! It was really cool and they were really nice.
Look how old we are! The MTC group that it all started with! (Missing Sister Fawcett)

STOCKHOLM! Everytime.

This member here, Sam, had surgery this week. So we went to the hospital to visit him. It was so awesome. I decided I am freak and I just love Hospitals. It is really so much fun to be there with it all! It actually makes me excited to go back to school and start learning about all of that.

Still get excited by riding trains. 

So here is the spiritual note of this week. I told you it would be short. I am yearning to get back into bed. We have this less active family that in the last week or two have become by best friends! They are from Nigeria and I love them. The mother is a member and her daughter has been baptized, the other daughter will be baptized when she is 8. So we are excited! They are just like amazing. She was like so willing to have us over and they fed a lot of food! Most Africans do that :) We went there for her birthday and they were basically treating us, who they just met, like family! It was amazing! Just really neat. Then they said that they would come to church and the next day they were there! Her daughters are a little shy so I followed the older one around and went to primary with her. It was really a lot of fun. I hope that they had a good time and that they come next week!

Okay I am sorry this is so lame! I am not giving up I just I am sick! I love you all and I love Sweden. Dad was right I am Swede now. In a year, I will be leaving my home to come and visit all of you guys! It so great here. I really am happy! To answer your questions mother, I really like my companion he is a great guy! We talk about pretty funny stuff and we are really hoping to stay together!

Me... On my bike. For you mother.

We will see what the future holds for me next week! I love you!

Äldste Farnworth

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