Sunday, September 28, 2014

Positive, remember? (9/22/14)

*I received such a nice facebook post from a Sister in Sweden. 
 I just had to include this wonderful message!

This week was just a crazy fast adventure! I loved every minute of it! This week we made a really strong goal that we were going to be positive about everything. I think the exact goal was: "We are going to be the missionary companionship that is annoying positive about everything and every situation!" It was really funny, but we were serious. It made such a difference in the work that we did. We found that we were often negative about a lot of little things and once we actually caught ourselves and try to change it, life was just so much better. For example, one night we were walking and it was cold, kind of raining and dark. We were going to spend the next little while contacting people on the street, so I think I said something along the lines of "Well this is be great, who is gonna want to listen to us, when is it cold, dark and raining? I sure wouldn't..." Not my proudest moment. Then instantly Elder Bilodeau says, "Positive remember? This is the best time we could possibly have to go out and talk to people! Everyone is going to want to listen!!" It was really interesting cause in my head I had already said no to getting any success. I had no willpower, no faith, and a 'no good' attitude. I had created a bad situation of something that hadn't even started! So I changed my thought process and we went out and talked to every single person that passed us! It was great, however, not one person was interested in learning more! But that didn't matter at that moment, I felt great. I did my part and I put forward the effort. Looking back I see the good now, sure, we didn't get any new invesitgator but everyone we talked to took a card and they were all generally polite and nice. Attitude is everything. 

We were in charge of Young Men's this week because the Young Men's President is out of the country. We had an awesome activity, we went to Annika's Sjökvist house and has a Chocolate Tasting Night. Now don't be confused and think that this was your grandma's chocolate tasting night , unless you grandma makes legit chocolate and shows you how it is made and stuff, then it would be very close to that. She did a great job! It was a really fun night! She had like us start with raw chocolate and then we slowly got to like chocolate that you can buy in the store and it tasted like not real chocolate! And sorry to say if Swedish Store chocolate is bad I can't even imagine how bad American store bought chocolate is. Yikes. 

We got some crazy news this week, concerning a mid-transfer. There is a group of about 17 sisters going home and they are having to pull sisters from a few areas! So Gävle is one of those areas! So starting on Wednesday, the Elders are in charge of the whole area of Gävle! Talk about pressure! It will be really insane but really fun I hope! We are getting all of their food and their phone, so it's not that bad of a deal! We are really hoping though that when we get a new batch of missionaries in 3 weeks at the next transfer that they will return Sisters here. The branch was pretty unhappy when they found out so I think they would be wise to have sisters here again. So that is a change that I did NOT see coming, but what can you do! Not to much! 

With this transfer coming up, I would probably guess that I am leaving. To be in area for more than 3 transfer is a big much. That makes me really sad but I have had a really good run here, I can't complain about it. I am excited to see more and meet more wonderful people. I am pretty convinced that this country is full of the nicest people in the entire world. I am super grateful to be able to be serve them in what ever ways I can. 

That is awesome about the Temple Dedication, that reminds me, I was explaining to this members from Albania what the church is like in Utah... It was really funny. Albania just became it's first stake. The whole country, so when I told them that my stake is like within a few neighborhoods they were completely blown away. They could even understand that. It was really funny. Then when I told them how many are in that stake of just a few neighborhoods, I started to freak out. I don't know what is it going to be like to have such a big ward. It will be different for sure!

Well it is cold. I swear it happened over night. But it feels like winter will be here next week. There are goods and bads to that but I am excited! General Conference is coming up and that is like a holiday for a missionary. We are all looking forward to that so much! Should be great! I love you all, I hope you all have a great week! Pray for the Missionaries, also help the missionaries that are in your ward. They need it! 

Love you all the way from Sweden,

Äldste Farnworth

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