Sunday, October 5, 2014

Many Blessings This Week! (9/29/14)

First, I want to send all of my love and my comfort to my family as they are going through the loss of Max. He was such a good dog and it is really sad to hear that he is gone and will not be there when I get home.  He will be missed, I hope everyone is doing OK. 

This week has been amazing! We are just going to jump right into it. With the recent absence of sister's in Gävle, the workload of the Elder's is sky high. It is amazing. I love it. There are these guys that the sisters had found right before they left. They are a group of guys from Africa and they are awesome. I will start with them. We made plans to meet with one of them in the library and when he got there the other two guys where there too and wanted to be taught too! We kinda ended up just like jumping around answering all of their questions so it was really cool. Then one had to leave for school so we just continued on with the other guys. One of them was telling us his "story" to find the true church and how he has been studying with a lot of other churches and just one by one he found each of them not to be the truth. Then we asked him what he WAS looking for in a church and what he believed that the true church should be like. Just then, he described The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in almost perfect detail. It was amazing and literally the coolest thing ever. He began to basically list points and in my head after each point I was like, "yes, yes, yes we have that, yes that is here... etc." It was honestly so cool. One of the coolest moments I have had in a while. Then when we were together for a bit we didn't want to seem to be overwhelming so we tried to wrap it up. And he just says, "Okay so now teach me about this book you guys have."  Yeah. It was amazing. He is really cool and I am excited to meet with him again this week! 

We also met with this guy that the sisters had been teaching for a while and that was totally awesome. He is super cool and we are really similar in personality so we were just talking and talking and it was really cool. I have met him before at Innebandy. He is just skinny and loves to run - so we just always joked that he was me in the future! He is really cool, so hopefully we can help him. We are going to try to bring him to the Sjökvist this weekend to watch General Conference with us. I think that would be really cool and really fun. Regarding conference, and to answer your question mother, we are going to watching some sessions. I am not sure which one but on Saturday night at like 6:00. So that should be a lot of fun. We are going to have dinner before and, of course, if we are with the Sjökvist it will be a great night!

Okay my new goal is to shorten these posts a little. I don't want to become that missionary that basically writes hour after hour posts every week! I'll end with a short little spiritual moment. It was Fast Sunday yesterday. I started my fast the night before and it was really a great feeling that I had when I set the things that I fasted for (one of them being a renewed testimony of the truthfulness of this church). Literally as I got in bed to sleep I felt some funkiness happening in my throat. The next morning was terrible. I was so sick. But I really wanted to stay true to the fast and I had faith I could get an answer. So the meeting block was long and difficult, but the longer I went without food or water (I have to say I did have cough drops) the more spirit I felt. It was like the Lord was just filling my body with spiritual blessings. Even though the illness never stopped and the fasting never got physically easier, as time went on I started to receive a different kind of strength. It was so cool. I ended the day with an earnest prayer to receive an answer. And in that exact moment I felt complete peace. There is not one doubt in my mind that as I prayed, Heavenly Father was looking down and listening to me. He is real. He is there and He is our Father. It was a wonderful moment that I was given and I am so grateful for it. Fasting was hard. It certainly wasn't just like this easy day, but I received a great blessing in the end. I had worked for the answer and I can testify that the Lord answered me. I love this church. I love this work. I love being a missionary. What an amazing time I have had here. My mission is a huge blessing in my life. Thank you to everyone who is praying for me. And thank you for all you do.

I love you all.  I hope you have a great week.

Your Swedish Missionary,

Äldste Farnworth
Cute pic that Annika sent us.  This is the same Sister who sent the kind message on Facebook and this is her son.  Did you notice their sweaters match?

A video of Kaleb and his comp eating strong licorice candy covered in salt before the conference session.  The contest was to see who could eat it without making a face.  Thanks to the other Annicka for sharing this!

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