Friday, October 31, 2014

Holy cow, this is how I'm going to die... (10/27/14)

The adventure continues! Week number 2 in Stockholm was really great actually! I am just coming to realize that I am truly a city-boy. I love it so much, it is all so fast paced here. Everyone has somewhere to go and someplace to be. You would think that it wouldn't have a effect on the work but it does! You just have to be quick and hope you are fast enough as well! It is fun! 
We have from Liljeholmen to Norsborg and we live in Hornstull... SO it is close to Stockholm Central. 

Basically I can explain what it is like here in Hägersten, there are 3 subway line in Stockholm, The Red, Green, and Blue. They all run through The Center of Stockholm. Our area is pretty much half of the Red line, so we don't take that many buses just travel on the line! I love it, we are the subways everyday and it really hasn't gotten old yet!

 We did have a really scary moment a few nights ago on the subway though, allow me to explain. We just got on and this guy started asking us where we were from and we told him England, (because he was very drunk and drunk people generally don't like the US) So then he was joking around and be really rude, basically like a drunk man would. Then his language changed and he used words that I hadn't heard in a LONG time. It was really scary, then he looks at my companion (who is probably in this moment rethinking his entire mission) and he says to him: "Go ahead and tell me where the [explicit language] I am from... do it and I will STAB you." I was like, "Holy cow, so this is how I am going to die. But luckily the train was slowing down and we just told him we were getting off here, so we were spared... Or so we thought. We were really trying to get to the next stop, so we waited for the next train coming like 5 minutes later, and we took it and while on the train I turn to Nielsen and say "If he is at the next stop, you just turn and RUN." Yep. You guessed it. The doors to the train open and there was our best friend. We just start walking away, trying not to be noticed and then we hear: "Hey look! Our English friends." So we just booked it. I was so scared.. But do not worry, we are fine. He never caught us, I am not even sure if he followed us but we ran fast. So that was the scariest moment of my entire mission, but no big deal.

This week we have really been trying to get our feet on the ground in this new area, it is going really well. Elder Nielsen is really amazing, he taking on a lot and it is really nice. I am still trying to allow him to relax and understand that he is in a stage where he needs to focus on learning the ways and he has no need to be stressed. It has been really good, we have had some good long talks about stress management and it seems to really help us both. He is SO good at Swedish and I am realized that I am not to shabby myself. It is really fun actually-- I continue to miss Gävle with almost my whole heart but I am starting to shift my mindset. Hägersten is a seriously great ward. I am really excited to get to know everyone and form some relationships here! It is really exciting!

We had received a LOT of referrals this last week, from here and there and we are SO excited to get to meet these guys this week! The work is going forward here, I can just feel it. We are working hard and we are really obedient so I just have such a testimony that the Lord is going to bless our efforts. I am really excited, we have this one guy that we got and when we called him, he was SO grateful that we would take the time to me with him! Usually I feel like we have to drag a time and date our of people but he was like so eager! I swear he needs to talk with like all of the non members here in Sweden! It was awesome! We will be meeting with him tomorrow night, we don't know what will happen but we are looking forward to it surely! 

There are a lot of non-swedes here, like I said last week! I am pretty sure that I like the switch up from the norm. I mean, don't get me wrong... I LOVE Swedish people, I mean, come on. I basically am a Swede, but the other cultures bring so much to the table and I LOVE it, the South American Member bring a energy of home. They are loud and they laugh so much and it is like Utah, while the African members understand the gospel in a different way that is amazing to me. They see this very pure version of God and life, they come from not that much so they see the blessings in everything. I am so grateful. For a quick example, We were asked yesterday in class: "Why is important to know God?" I thought in my head, "So we can know how to talk so he can help me, and I can hear him.." Seemed like a good answer to much until this lady opened my eyes in a whole new way, her  answer: "So we can know how to serve him will our whole being." It was so, amazing. A simple answer but she said it without even thinking, that was her first thought, to serve God. Such an example to me. Ah! I am learning so much! 

Well if you have any question if I am loving it, let me assure you, I LOVE SWEDEN. My life is great, the ward is hard, this church is worth it. 

I love you all.

Äldste Farnworth

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