Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm in Stockholm! My favorite thing is the subways, imagine them CLEAN and Swedish. (10/20/14)

Hello World,

This week is just change, change and more change. I can't say I like it completely yet, but I cannot say that I am not have a great time, I guess I can just list off all of the change to start. I am not in Gävle, I am in a Stockholm ward, I take the Subways everywhere, I don't know anyone here, I am training and responsible for my greenies life, and no one is speaking the way they did in Gävle... #stockholmska 

A picture I got from Gävle... I miss these boys!

 So, I got my son. His name is Elder Taylor Nielsen and he is from New Mexico! He is really great and we are really getting along great. He just finished High school, which is weird to me, and he is so excited to be here! So that makes me really excited! Training is really hard, but in a way that is hard to explain. I just have to know everything, and it is pretty mentally demanding. Like in the different stress than I have had before. One really cool think is to see the progress that my Swedish has made. I think it is super fun to have him ask me a million Swedish question and the fact that I can answer about 95% of them makes me pretty happy, I must say. 

Elder Nielsen, Me, and my trainer Elder Olson

We are just living us two in a small apartment in a AMAZING area. We live IN the city, which is like the coolest thing ever. My favorite part of living here is the subways, just imagine how fun the New York Subways are... then make them like really clean and Swedish. So basically perfect for Elder Farnworth. We actually don't even live in our area, we have to take a train into everyday, we have nothing to complain about though. The train ride is about 5 minutes, the other elders have to train about 45 minutes everyday, so that is a travel. 

Making dinner for my son... Such a good dad.

Stockholm is pretty fast pace, people have places to go and things to do, which makes our job a little harder. But it really is cool to find those people that are willing to take time to listen to us, we are working on different ways to find more people to teach, it is a really good thing and I am learning a lot! SO that is a fun twist. 

Oh... Look who I ran into in Stockholm? Best moment all week! 

 So basically time is resetting a little, this week was probably the longest week I have had in a lot time and that is not a bad thing but just really weird to have that happen, we had a pretty great miracle happen on the train ride home one night, we were sitting there and this couple from Peru came and sat next to us and in Spanish, the wife was talking about us being missionaries and then her husband looked over so of course, I said hello and the man started to talk to me. Nothing to big was happening until we found out that they were members! They actually didn't know that the church was here in Sweden so they were so excited to see us! They told us that they wanted to find out which church they could go to and then the wife said something in Spanish and the husband looks at me and says in Swedish: "Can you guys help me and my wife get sealed for eternity in the temple?" Then the wife pulled up a picture of the temple in Peru to be sure we understood... We got the message, loud and clear. It was amazing. They lived out of our area so we referred them to the right missionaries. It was amazing, we were placed in that moments for a reason and it was no chance. Just the hand of the Lord in the work.

The other missionaries here are really cool. Elder Sandquist from Riverton and Elder Kapp from Layton. They are really cool and I am pretty excited to serve here with them! We have met with a few of the investigators here and to be honest, there is a lot of good stuff happening. Church on Sunday made me really excited to be here, the ward seems great and I think we are going to be able to help them a lot. There are a lot of people from CHILE here. So I am feeling a little bit like I am experience what Zach had on his mission. If so, He is was a lucky missionary! They are the nicest people ever. 

The New gang... They are pretty cool.

Yeah... Life is different and I am having a hard time not looking back because Gävle was SO amazing, but I am really trying to live up to my own words... Forward with FAITH! This week should be amazing, I am really excited for what is going to happen. Life is good. The Lord is really and mindful of us. 

I love you all. Have a great week! Pray for me and the missionaries here! 
Äldste Farnworth

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