Monday, October 13, 2014

I love you Gävle, I will miss you. (10/13/14)

This week is a week of change and moving! Yes, that is right I am being transferred from what feels like home! I am going to Stockholm, the Hägersten Ward. My first ward!! I am really excited to be in Stockholm and one of the biggest things I am excited for is that I am living like 10 minutes away from the center of Stockholm. That should be so different than anything I have experienced before! Oh and I am also excited that I AM TRAINING. Yes, that is true I am training a fresh missionary from the MTC, so it should be totally awesome and a huge new experience. I have heard that training is hard, but totally worth it. I just really hope that I can help this Elder see how blessed he is to serve in the amazing country. It should be awesome. So this is all going down on Wednesday so I just ask that you all pray the whole day for me. haha, not joking. 

Leaving Gävle is probably going to be harder than it was to leave the United States. I just feel so much love for this branch and the people here. Yesterday in church, I gave a talk as they usually have missionary that are being transferred do and it was really hard. I talked about the talk from Elder Holland: Remember Lot's Wife. It is a great talk that I love to listen to again and again, it talks about how much we need to learn from the past but live in the present and look forward to the future. I love that talk and recommend you all listen to/read it. It is amazing. Towards the end I just felt the love of the entire branch in one moment. It was amazing, I just can't believe that this could all happen so fast, I have only been here for 4 months. It's amazing.
The matching sweaters just don't get old. We are so cool.

You try and tell me we aren't hyp-sters

My last full week in Gävle was definitely a great one to end with. We did a ton and we had a BLAST. We met with Henry our investigator again and it was amazing, we read through the chapter in 3 Nephi where Christ comes and establishes the church in The America's to the people and as we went through his teaching about baptism it clicked in Henry's mind that he too needed to follow the council of Christ and be baptize to take a step and show his faith in Christ, we set a date and it was an amazing moment, I am really excited for him to be baptized. He came to church the next day and you can tell he is really taking this choice seriously. Amazing to see. I am so proud of him
Fika after a Young Men's service project. Anton and his dad Johan... and me.

Okay, I am a Family History MASTER. I love it so much, I think I could family history for hours and hour and never get bored. It is amazing... Allow me to explain. We have these friends from Canada. I think I have talked about them before, they are really interested in the church but they are just so cool. They come to Innebandy and we sometimes take them to the Sjökvist and have dinner, but this week Erin wanted to do her Family History so I was like: "Why not!" 
So when I was on splits with Elder Bradley (who is the coolest guy ever...) on thursday we sat down and with the information that we had we started to find some people, with not much success we started to get a little discouraged, and then BAM! It all just started to explode and it was amazing, with that day and then a little more time on Saturday we were able to find her entire family 4 generation back and then a ton more almost the entire 6 generation full. It was amazing. SO much fun. 

Annika and Johan Sjökvist's Family with Elder Bradley and the Canadian's Erin and Conner!

So needless to say, I love life. I am SO grateful for the people I have in my life now. Although, this week is going to suck with all the goodbyes, I decided that we will not be saying goodbye, but just I will see you later! I love this area, and I love this work. The church is true. God is there, you can deny it. He listens and more than that he TALKS back. He is my best friend and my Heavenly Father. I trust him with my mission. I trust him that this will be a positive change. I am going to cry, no doubt about that. But that only means I am leaving something amazing. 

Peter Sjökvist's Family, I love these guys so much! I will surely miss them SO much.

Thank you all. Not only the people reading this at home in Utah but thank you to anyone who has helped me get here, I will be forever in your debt. I am totally a different person, I have been changed by this mission and I am not even done. What a blessing. I love you Gävle, I will miss you. Thank you for everything you do to me. 

Pure Bliss. What a blessing.

Äldste Farnworth

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