Sunday, October 12, 2014

We all have different size testimonies and THAT IS OKAY! (10/6/14)

Well this week gets a huge two thumbs up. It was Conference Week so how could it not? The focus for all of our lessons and messages that we left this week was about Conference and how important it was that we have a living prophet today! It was really such a great thing to be able to tell these people that the Lord and God is living today and they are actively leading us. It was a great reminder for me as well! 

We had some great lessons this week. We met with some really amazing people. It amazes me how many amazing people are in my life right now. I guess we can start with our splits on the Zone Leaders, it was really cool. On my one year mark in Sweden I was with my trainer! It was really cool, they came for Wednesday and it was a super cool day. Elder Olson is a freaking cool elder. I am really happy that we were able to teach together again. He is a rocking missionary, and even a better friend. It was an awesome day. We went to a member who has a book with pictures of every missionary that even goes home to them. So the most pictures that anyone has is 5 pictures in the book and with my splits with Olson, I got my 6th picture in the book! It was a proud moment for me.
Exchanges with the Zone Leaders!

We just taught a ton of investigators this week. It was really so sick, I feel super blessed.  Conference though was really cool. So the way that it works in Sweden is that we watched both opening sessions at 6.00 at night live, so that was really cool. We spent the day with the Sjökvist's on Sunday for the most part, it was really fun. We went there early for breakfast and then watch Priesthood. Then we had these less actives come for lunch, and that was awesome. Annika had pretty much set up this whole missionary day for us. It was really nice. She is awesome. Then her nephew came to have dinner and watch the Sunday morning session and have tacos with us! That was super cool, he isn't a member and a super cool guy. Pretty much it was the best day ever. 
Us on the walk... Most epic picture. 

We are cool. No discussion.

Kodak Moment 

With the other sessions I just have to watch them over the Kodak Moment next few days, I am really excited cause I have heard the best things. My favorite talk was probably Utchdorf. I loved his talk about how we all have different sizes of testimonies and THAT IS OKAY!  It was a huge moment for me, I just realized that this isn't a church of perfect people. This is a church for everyone! I don't know, I think I had forgotten that. Sometimes I think that I forget that we are here to learn and grow, not to be perfect. It was a big talk for me! While I have been writing emails though, I listened Elder Hollands talk and his is just so amazing.  #ldsconf was the best. 
The Sjökvist after a day of Conference. 

double Anton... Crazy

I would say that there is a pretty good chance that I will be moving, I have been here a while and I think it is my time. Which makes me sad but at the same time I think I need to move and grow and meet new people! I don't know, I am just trying to be open to new things and whatever comes my way! Sorry this was a little shorter but there is no need to worry about me, I can promise you that! Sweden is so good to me! I love it here so much! I am so happy! 

Pretty much the cutest little kid ever. 

I love you all! 

Äldste Farnworth

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