Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Bible has already taught me so much (9/8/14)

Well this week in Gävle hasn't been the best week, but it was a really good week towards the end so I am just going to focus on that! Sunday yesterday was the best. So that is all that really matters, right? I just love the branch here so much. These are the best members in the world. I sometimes wish church never ends, it is that good. 

I'll be honest, at times I sit here and I have to use all of my mental focus to try to remember what has happened in the last week. They move so quickly, it is hard to single in on any given day and remember what I did. I often have to look though my iPhone pictures or my planner to even remember. I am super grateful that I have kept a journal every night or I really would be in trouble. 

Well Sister Hill is gone, it is really sad though actually. I miss her a lot, sWehe really become a good friend while she was here and it doesn't feel the same without her. We have Sister Ludwig now, she is really cool. So that makes it a little easier, but I still miss Sister Hill. Speaking of Stockholm, (that is where she got transferred too) We are going to be meeting Elder Bednar this week! That is so exciting! I really am so stoked. We are having a special missionary conference and it should be a very special thing! That is happening on Thursday so we are really excited to have that! Something big that we are looking forward to!

We spent some time this week in the beautiful city of Uppsala (About a hour south of Gävle) My companion is District Leader so he had to go down to do a baptismal interview. We didn't have a way to get to their church other than walking and it was amazing. That city is so great! We got some really great picture, we met with this member of 3 years while we were there and he is SO cool. I really liked him, he walked with us back to the train station after the interview and he was a ton a of fun. 

This week I have been really trying to get to know the Bible, something that I am really struggled with for a long time now, and I really have tried to ask the Lord for the focus to be able to sit down and read it and that has been awesome! The Bible has already taught me so much! It really such a testimony builder for me to see how much the Book of Mormon really goes along with it. It is so clear that they are meant to complement each other. 

We had this investigator that the Sister found and he was in our area so we started teaching him for the last few weeks and that was a lot of fun. He is a really nice guy and the lessons were going great, but then he texted us and said he wanted to wait a while until he would meet with us again. So that was a bummer but he did say that he would continue to read the Standard Works and when he received a answer that they were true he would call us! So we are still having hope, just a little sad. The journey moves forward though! 

I am really excited for this week, should be jam packed and really busy! I am super excited! We have a lot of great stuff planned! I love and miss you all so much! I hope you have a great week too!

Äldste Farnworth

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