Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Gospel has no limits, nothing can restrict the spirit from being brought to the people who are willing to receive it! (9/15/14)

If you remember a few weeks back I take about how there were basically two types of weeks on a mission, the weeks were everything turns out for you and the ones were they don't. Well this we was a week that turn out great. Everyday there was something that was so cool and new. Such a great week!

We can start with the Elder Bednar Conference. It was seriously amazing.  He didn't really give a talk actually, a few days before the conference we were emailed a few old talks from him and then at the conference he had people ask him questions about the talks.  It was really cool because he totally taught us how to be better missionary by showing us instead of instructing us. He is actually like the funniest guy ever, not even joking. He like made jokes the whole time and it was really so great. When the meeting started I was informed that it would be a 3 hour meeting and I was like... What? But those were the fastest 3 hours of my life. It was like be spiritually fed over and over again. It really just showed to me, that he truly is a man of God and there is something uniquely different about him. It was an amazing experience, something I am extremely grateful for. We didn't go to the temple though! I hopefully will be going through the temple soon with Pouyeh soon! It has almost been a year, and my trainer is going home early! I don't know if you remember but he needed surgery so he is going to go home so he can get the surgery before school and still go to winter! So we might be doing that soon! SO stoked!!

The house is becoming so... Swedish! It's really awesome! I am going to feel right at home, everything you guys are doing is just like what they all have here! It is great! haha I miss the family walks that is so great! I love seeing all of your great faces! I just feel like you guys are all doing so great! It makes it a lot easier to be here , I love it all! I seriously love it here. Every Saturday night I am so excited for Sunday, I'll be honest I don't think I have ever been as excited for church as I am here. It is so great to be here with all the members and the KIDS. They are the coolest. I just have to brag about how awesome these members are, sorry but they are top notch. 

This week we had something really cool happen, we have this member who married a women from Thailand and she has two daughters. They moved here and they just got their Swedish citizenship, so he invited us over to see if his wife would be interested in learning about the Gospel. It was really tricky at first cause her English and Sweden is really a bit rough, but as the lesson when on, it just seemed like everything was going right over her head. So I pulled out the iPhone and started typing what we were teaching into Google Translate and then translated from Swedish to Thai. It was like a light bulb in her head! She was understanding! So I guess all that texting before my mission finally paid off cause I was able to type in real time almost everything we taught! It was amazing! The Gospel has no limits, nothing can restrict the spirit from being brought to the people who are willing to receive it! We went the first time on Tuesday and then she invited us back on Friday and it was a great time! We are planning on going this week to teach her daughter so we are really excited about that! The hard work paid off! 

I can tell you guys that the Lord is a patient Lord. I am proof of that, I swear I learn something about 5 or 6 times before it sticks. I just am so thankful for the promises that we have and that we can do our part and the Lord do his. Everything with the Lord is a two-way street. He is so amazing, I just can't ever get over it. Everyday I think that we are SO lucky to have what we have sometimes we just don't even understand what we really have and how big it is! AH! I just get so happy thinking about it, I love sharing this with the people here!

OH! The last great thing that happened that happened this week was Sofia from Linköping came and had lunch with us in Gävle! She was on her way to visit her brother and she had some time so I showed her the city of Gävle and we grabbed some Fika! It was seriously amazing! She is amazing and I am so lucky to have the friendship I have with her, she is so strong and just like a dedicated member! I love the little moments like that, so unbelievably great. 

The week is a blessing, everyday out here is. Look for the good, there always is good. IT is just a matter of seeing it. God gives us so much. He loves us, I know he is there. I know it. 

I love and miss you all! I will be home in no time, seriously. 

Äldste Farnworth

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