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Well this week has been long to say the least! My body is aching and I am feeling like I gave it my all. To be honest, there are basically two kinds of weeks as a missionary. The kind that works for you, everyone can meet right at the time you want and the members have dinners for you and it is just like a water slide you just sit down and the current takes you and you have a great time. And then... there are the weeks like this one. Everyone can't meet at the times that you can meet and you start a lot of your days with nothing planned. Which doesn't mean that you give up it just makes for a week that you are tired at the end. Can you guess which we had? Unfortunately the second one. With that said, this was a good week. Not every day was a great day but the week over all was really great!

We made a big effort with the less actives in our area and really set time apart to go and swing by them in this city about 1 hour from Gävle, in a city called Sandviken. It is really a small place! We were walking around just swinging by the members there and kind of trying to get a update on everyone and pretty much the whole city has port codes (pad locked door, very common in Sweden) they make  random swing by completely impossible. So we ended up just seeing who had those and making a note of it. Cool experience though! We went to this one building that had a port code and the door was just unlocked! So we walked in and went to the member that we weren't even sure lived there and she answered and was very friendly! Told us she was a member and she was willing to meet! It was a little tender mercy for the two hot, tired missionaries that day. Made the whole trip worth it! We set up a few other appointments to come back in the next week! I am quite excited for that!

Another cool experience this week was with contacting! That is when we just talk to random people on the street about the church! We were walking home one day and we saw a couple that looked quite normal, I got a prompting to talk to them, so we did! And they didn't listen at all. "Nope, not interested!" Which was weird, I was certain that the spirit told me to talk to them! Then in my disappointment I notice my companion advancing towards a man who was walking behind us, he starts a conversation with him, I was a little confused what he was doing. We had just gotten rejected but this man listened to his opening line about us as missionaries and then said, "I can't speak Swedish" he said in broken English. We asked if English was better and he said no. So we went to last resort. Slow English and hand signs! We tried to make ourselves known and he seemed to get it! We gave him a card and a goodnight! We got excited cause he was from Albania! They are cool people from there!
Anyways, the next day we get a call from a random number.. No, not from that man but from his friend! He told us he got the card from that guy and he wanted to meet today! In a few hours actually, we were just on the way to open the church so it worked out well. We had a great first lesson, he was a little weird on some things but then again, who isn't? It was a really cool experience. We haven't heard from him since but we figure he got deported or something! Oh well, I think it was a good story nonetheless.

If you are wondering what the weather is like in Sweden in the summer I can tell you, HOT. Holy crap it is like I am in a oven, So hot! Yes, mother we bike a lot here in the summer. It is a lot faster than buses and I just generally love it. Have I biked a lot on my mission? No, this is my first area that even has working bikes. This whole city I feel was built for bikers. It is really cool, except when you fall... not as fun.  They don't have air conditioning in any of the houses here so they just open windows and doors so there is no escaping the heat. Luckily, our apartment is in the basement and doesn't have big windows, depressing during the day? Yes. Heaven to come home to? Yes. It is a good place to leave, minus the whole infested with spiders things... good thing I am not scared of them!
This upcoming week should be a solid 10/10, I am really thinking it will be! I am very stoked for it to happen! We have a lot planned and on Friday we are going to Uppsala to have our first interviews with President! I am so stoked for that!

Well I love you all and I miss you a little more every week! I am loving it still and I am not lying when I say that! So much happiness on this end, a lot of tiredness but also happiness! I just can't tell you when one is usually stronger! Haha I love it though! Doing The Lord's work. I am excited for the future! I miss Twitter. I hope it is still cool in a year.
#elderFarnworth #sweden #sverige #staysweet #bepositive
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