Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is a little "I'm alive" email (1/12/15)

Hey Family!

Well everything is just different! In the beginning of the week we packed up all of Elder Nielsen's stuff and on Wednesday I put him on a plane and sent him on his way to Umeå! He is really going to enjoy the adventures there and he is going to see a whole new side of Sweden: The cold north. I got a new missionaries, not new to Sweden. He is actually experience, he is going home in 6 weeks. So we are just getting going very quickly and it is really nice going from the green to the oldest! It has been a new change and it is really great. 

Aldste Farnworth and Aldste Gray
We have found a lot of great people in this last week and that has been awesome to see the effects of working hard and opening our mouths as we are out and about. We talked with this one guy about he importance of the Book of Mormon and how that is really something that can really change his life. He was really hard on the fact that he couldn't believe that it could happen, but we testified really strongly and we were really able to get him to see that it could happen. It was really cool when he offered the closing prayer and the spirit was really strong, the man really pleaded with God to answer his humble prayer. I left really happy, and in that moment I trusted the spirit to stay and testified. 

We got a random call, and we are moving apartments! So we lost our Swedish bachelor pad in Stockholm but we just moved a little south into our area and closer to the church and that is REALLY nice place, it is a lot bigger so we aren't living on top of each other any more so that is really nice. I will try to get some pictures soon, we will see!

Well this is like a really short email. I have a lot to report on but I have so much to do today (we moved into the new place like 30 minutes ago) so we have to continue with that. SO this is a little like "I am alive!!" email and then I will try to get a big one out this next week!! 

Pictures from Galve:)

**Any one who is super offended that I am replying to a personal letter with a general one, know that a personal letter is on the way! I am sorry we literally have 30 minutes today

I love you all.

Äldste Farnworth

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