Sunday, January 25, 2015

He is there for us, He really is (1/19/15)

Well this week has been a million times better than last week! Let me tell you. I just want to cry from the mountain top that GOD IS GOOD! My companion and I are just like really getting along great, I really like him and hopefully he feels the same about me... probably not. I would say that we work really well with each other. Like I am like all over the place and I through out ideas things we need to do all the time and he is like super good at like catching the ideas and putting them to paper so they actually... you know... happen. We make a good team! We are also like super funny and no one can really appreciate it except for us. We don't care though.

I would say I had one of the coolest things happen this week. I have wanted to translate my Patriarchal Blessing for a while now, basically my whole mission. My Swedish has just never been good enough to even start. SO I said and I was off to good start and the blessing just CAME ALIVE. I was like "is this real?" I just couldn't believe. Having to focus on EVERY sentence and translate it really made it just like the most amazing thing ever. Swedish is the most beautiful language and it is like so great. I then sent it to someone that I really trust to correct it and she did it really fast and gave it to me and now I just feel like I got a whole new blessing.

That has really got me thinking about how importance Obedience is. I think of all the blessings that are mine through obedience and also all the blessings that the Lord will so badly give us all if we would simply allow him. We have to do our part for him to be able to do his. He is our lovely Heavenly Father, I just know that he loves us more than we can imagine. He wants us to have forever happiness. He is there for us, He really is. 

Last night we had an awesome night. We had a Bishop Devotional, we had this guy who has a really awesome life. He has done a lot of great things in his life and he talked about goal setting and how important that is. It was really cool. There was all the youth from 3 wards there, which was still only about 15 people but we had a great time. I love the youth. They really are smart and ready to be the leaders of the church of Sweden! They are the future!
This is pretty cool. 

Well I have to much to do and not enough time, so I will stop there. Pray for the missionaries, we need those blessings. More importantly pray for those we work with! I love Sweden.

 Love you,

Äldste Farnworth

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