Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well this week as been one big blessing! I only have 2 weeks left! How crazy is that! I am so excited to go though. 

But it is also super bittersweet because I LOVE THE MTC. They say no matter how much you love the MTC the field is like 10 times better. If that is true then I am in for a treat! That is so awesome about the new calling Mom! You will do great! I still can't believe how much things has changed! 

So HOLY COW I've been out a month? WHAT? When did that happen? My teachers continue to be amazing and loving. This week was funny. A lot of crap happened that really could have made this week just terrible but when all you are focusing on is the Lord and positive thought nothing can bring me down! This week more than any I really need some time to just talk with someone, since I'm not home and can't just go into your office or go talk to Dad, I talked with a counselor Branch Presidency instead. Another amazing experience. 

I went in a little upset and he has got to be one of the nicest man I have met. He just told me how proud he was and I felt like I was talking with one of you two. It was really cool. Tell Patrick to email or write me! I have so much to tell him! He has nothing to worry about at all! His MTC is seriously like a temple! It's so beautiful! So this is kinda funny but in my district everyone other than my comp and another elder can sing so we are auditioning  to sing in the big devotional! There is no way we are gonna make it but it is so fun to practice singing. We are singing The Sister In Zion / Army of Helaman song. It's super good! Love it. I go the temple every Sunday.  :)

So super cool moment I was teaching this kid who only is taking the lessons because if he doesn't his mom will kick him out. So he wasn't very easy, So we are teaching and it is going okay (not great, just okay). Anyways into the lesson we had just been talking, not teaching, and I just randomly pick up the scriptures and turned to a scripture on faith. And when I read it the Spirit was so strong there was no way he didn't feel it. I love the Spirit and the work here!! 

I took the challenge that I give to everyone. I always tell people if they would read the Book of Mormon they would know with out a doubt that it is true! So I started Thursday and I read and right now I am in Helaman 1! It's amazing, Everyone should do it!! Love it!

Sorry I don't have tons to say the weeks FLY BY!! So to make up for it I'll send some pictures!! So all the first 3 are my awesome Dane friends. I love them so much! They are all going to BYU when they get home so it will be so sweet!! Elder Ogden has the glasses, Elder Zenger has the curly hair. The sisters are all gonna be writing me when I leave which isn't aganist the rules cause we are in different mission!! LOVE them all. I will get a formal picture of the all soon.

I love it here and love you guys soooo much!

Aldste Farnworth

The Danes! Elder Zenger

Elder Ogden

Sisters heading to Denmark

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