Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This is probably the best week of my life...

This week was probably the best week of my life, but oddly enough it was also the hardest. I am learning so much. Every single day I learn more than the day before. That is so bittersweet about Dad, he was such an amazing Bishop, but I am glad that he gets to do something else now!

The Swedish is coming so quickly. It's so weird when my teacher speaks with me he doesn't ever speak English and I can understand every single word he says, okay well not all of them, but I look at them as like a puzzle if I know like half the words I can put the sentence together! It really is amazing what I can do when the Lord is with me. The first few days were the hardest, I was super homesick and that is all I really thought about most of the time! But when I changed the reason I am here the whole experience changed. I still think of you guys all the time but it's just like happy thought not sad thoughts! I can definitely do this.  We finished with our first Investigator and he turned out to be our second teacher! So that was weird but we got 2 new investigators and we taught one of them yesterday and he was like the worst experience ever! He is so hard to teach he really acts like he doesn't even want to be here and he barely listens to us teach and the language is so hard to understand him cause he mumbles super bad and stuff. But I decided that we are going to change his whole attitude about it all! I promise he is going to love us by the end!

I love writing out my testimony it is so cool that I can look at the page and just know what it says! I really get amazed when I learn as much as I do! So we end up spending about 10 hours a day in the classroom, he have actually renamed it "The Cell, or The Island' ha ha But I am so lucky to have such an amazing district we have a lot of fun. Okay I have to say that you were right about the bouncy balls! They were a huge hit! We play with them all day even my teacher uses them so I guess you were right again ;) The food is super good, a ton of people complain but I love it. I have quit soda and stick with chocolate milk, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its like the good kind from Costco... Yum. I don't feel like I have gained weight like I'm still a stick but I really want to gain some weight.. oh well.

Side Note! I swear I am still finding the little notes you hid through out my bag, like once a week I open a new notebook and just find them! It makes me day for sure! The sisters in my district are awesome, sometimes they get annoying cause they think we are children cause they are like a year older but for the most part they are cool. Um I see people I know like every single day. Seriously like there is a kid in my zone, three kids in my residence hall and then I just past everyone! It's really fun and cool! I love the camera! I gave the sister a Thank You card for breaking my last one :) ha ha I promise that I will never break anything else! I love the little "Do Not Break" note on the bottom I feel like that has Dad written all over it. Tell who ever wrote it thanks it keeps my careful. I seriously am so glad that you love teaching! Its funny that you fasted for me cause I fasted for you guys! I felt your blessing a ton and I hope you felt mine for you.

I realized I haven't told you guys much about my companion. Like picture someone who is the exact opposite of my in every way and there ya go. He is super quiet and really never talks that much. He is good for me though cause he makes me have to be quiet and like listen, to be honest I don't think he likes me to much. he really prefers to do everything alone and really doesn't like working together on anything. He like to plan his own lessons and not really do thing together. So I have to push him to include me in the planning and I think he looks at it as controlling. But I really do think that we are starting to figure out how to work with each other, I just have to push him most the time. Oh well. I'll get a new one in the field! I would love the picture from the class that sounds awesome. I really love all the letters I have gotten from you guys!

Oh yeah, most the Elders and Sister in this zone call me spider-man cause I guess I look like The new spider-man, ha ha the sister even asked for pictures with me.. so yeah you probably will be seeing them in the tabloids pretty soon :) Because we are in the class a lot so we take a ton of walks and see nature, We have a new found love for trees and the sun.. But it's so much fun. The Temples walks on Sundays something that get me through the week for sure! Then getting to go through the temple on Tuesday is so cool too!

Starting this week we are starting to do SYL which stands for Speak Your Language. So basically when ever we learn a word in Swedish we are no longer allowed to say i it in English so that will be interesting to see how that turns out. So everyone in my district are starting to get Strep throat I haven't gotten it yet (knock on wood) . So maybe if you haven't sent the package put some airborne in it! I wash my hands like 50 times a day. So I think I am safe but I mean still it's gross. That's awesome that Emma saw me. I see a ton of kids that are going to BYU all the time walking by the temple its super weird to see them but I love it.

Well I have to go do my wash! Thanks for the emails, write me this week! Always love hearing from you guys! I love you Mom more than you will ever know but this is so important what I am doing!
Love You!!

Äldste Farnworth
We had a devotional from the old MTC President and his wife at the Philippians MTC, seriously Patrick is going to love it there. The building is so beautiful and the people just seem delightful. They showed us tons of pictures and every single one of them looked like pictures of Temples! Seriously so cool! Last Tuesday Night for our Devotional We had Elder Anderson speak! He was amazing it was such an awesome experiences. I really loved it, I get to have another devotional tonight and I am so excited for who ever is going to speak! It is always a secret right up until it starts so it's really exciting. So for the rest of my day I will go to the Temple and then Choir and Devotional so much fun! You should get the pictures soon! I love you!
Kaleb's District at the Provo Temple

Kaleb's District

Elder Farnworth

Kaleb and Cody Kershaw I think?

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