Sunday, September 15, 2013


Thank you so much for the package. I LOVED it. Nothing like getting a package to start a day off right. I still can't even wrap my head around the fact that Dad isn't bishop anymore. I always am like "My dad is a Bishop... oh wait, he WAS a Bishop." It taking some getting use to.
This week was so cool. I had a really hard in the beginning, because I felt like I wasn't far enough along in the language as I should be. So I started doubting myself and it really wasn't good, but the Lord is just awesome because we had a devotional all about feeling the spirit and how to pray and stuff, so I just said a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to bless me to know that I am doing all I could, and then just had faith and the next day after that we taught and it was the first time I taught I honestly felt that I wasn't restricted from the Language! I LOVE SWEDISH!! The teachers has become like my best friends, we do one on one studying sometimes with them and we go and it's nice to be away from everyone and have some personal time with them. They seriously are all the nicest guys. I am blessed.
I glad you like my iPad, I guess if I can't have it I'm glad you do! OH! So I woke up and seriously felt like death. It was so bad. And I just prayed and I know it sounds silly to pray about that, I just couldn't be sick. And within 3 hours of my prayer I felt like 100% again! It was so awesome! Little miracles like that are happening all the time. Its all thanks to this gospel! Its amazing what faith can do. Hey so with the next package in the letter or something, will you send me my patriarchate blessing full size, I was to shrink it and laminate it here again. The one I have they store just did an awful job and it's no straight. Oh also will you find the journals I brought and get me one more. I know I'm gonna fill them quickly and would rather them stay the same. I love writing every night. It really is such a great way to count all my blessing. So some fun things we are doing here. We have a shower choir, so if you ever want to hear some quality songs sang by 8 missionary while they shower, you know where to come. I think I'll take the record us! Haha, we sing like Disney songs so it so so funny! Seriously the bouncy balls you gave us are the greatest things ever, my teacher has ADD so bad and he just sits there while he practice the language and throws them around. It is so funny! He is so awesome. Seriously next to you guys, he is gonna be a really hard goodbye when I leave here. I just need to stop bonding with people... Haha just kidding I love being social. My comp complains cause I can't walk passed anyone with out striking a conversation and asking them where they are from and where they are going. I'm friends with all the Chinese speakers They have to be here for 9 weeks! I can even imagine. I mean I love it here, but now enough to be here 9 weeks. I'll take my 6 weeks! Crazy thing! I will be at my 1 MONTH mark in a week!! Like... WHAATTT?
Where is the time going.... Oh so this is a random thought but I have to share. I'm sitting in a computer lab right now and the sister next to me is getting so mad at her computer.. She is Chinese and she is like randomly yelling at it. It is taking everything I have not to bust out laughing. So great. sorry random but so funny. It make me think of  you when you use to get so mad when the computer wasn't working then I just come in and fix it. So funny! Anyway. To Summertime this whole letter. All is well here. I go running with these guys from the other Swedish District it is like one of best parts of my week. We just vent about hard things that are happening and stuff its good. I really hope to be comp with them in the field! Love them. Everything is looking up for Elder Farnworth! Love getting the letters I do! I sure feel loved! I can't wait for the kindergarten pictures! I'm going hang them all around my classroom so make sure they are good! :)
I am so stoked to talk to you guys in 3 weeks! Can't wait to show off my Swedish! I had a dream in Swedish last night. It wasn't like Fluent but still very cool. What do I miss most about home this week? Pedicures. What I would do for a pedicure. I'll be prayer for you Mom really hope things start to calm down for you! So awesome about Jacob doing Lacrosse, he is a stud. I was so jealous of them at the game. We had to stay inside during the storm. It killed me. Cause I left my classroom and I could hear the crowd yelling. Such a cool thing for them. Well I'm praying for you and love you so much!! Thank you mom and dad for everything you have done. I know this isn't easy for you! I hope you know that I love and am thankful for everything you have done. I love talking about my family so much. I bring you guys up every chance I get.
Aldste Farnworth

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