Monday, September 30, 2013

Seriously, no worries about Elder Farnworth..

Dearest Mother,

*This is Kaleb's response to a letter sent with numbered questions for him to answer.

1st I would like a few things:
 That blanket from IKEA 
2nd I never said I didn't have my visa, we don't know but weird thing happened they had our whole zone leaving with the plans I sent you, then half of the zone (me included) just got switched to an eariler flight! Crazy! I'll write you the exact times for the new flight I leave the MTC now sept. 30 insteed. They don't tell us about our Visa until the day of.. so dumb I'm gonna go in and ask today I will let you know.

3rd. I HOSTED A ELDER FROM THE PATTENS WARD!! So insane! It was super awesome to help people through it all. There was one kid who didn't cry at all and the second he turned the corner he just lost it all. So sad but I totally talked him through it and I saw him yesterday and he was a rockstar so all it well. 

4th Okay so we will buy the phone cards here. I have spent some money on Dry cleaning, and they have these cool garments so I just got 2pairs. But Yeah I'll buy them here. In the letters I'll let you know when I will call. We leave the MTC at 3:30 am for a 7:45 am flight so I think I'll be calling bright and early.

5th Thanks, love you a lot.

6th I emailed Zac and wished him a Happy Birthday:)

7th Nothing I can really think of. I swear I think of stuff all week and can't think of anything when I'm emailing. I'll send you a list. I scared I won't be able to fit everything in my bags. Sometime this week I'll be sending my temple package home. We don't take those. We only go the temple once a year so no need. 

8th I am a little worried, but I am sending home temple clothes so I will have that as my carry-on then my side bag will be with me and they I think with those two out there should be a lot of room. 

9th So yeah like I said. The flights changed so I will send you a new schedule but it should all be fairly the same. just one day eariler and I got Utah > Chicago > New Jersey > Sweden. So its insanely a lot of flying but I so stoked!! 

10th  Thank you so much instead of a huge letter this week I sent some pictures. The weeks are pretty similar. So it's hard to write. I love it here so much. 

11th No temple walk visit? Probably a good idea. I'm just getting over you guys :)

12th I just want RECENT pictures of all you guys. Like just in the front of the house the pictures we all took are a bit old. Like a group and then everyone alone. if you have time. The picture we took of the kids for you that one time got water so if you could resend that one. Then just some of the dogs. I love all the pictures I have now so much. 

13th- 16th I love you so much. I will remember to go the bathroom often. Will you just send me that blanket, I want a phyiscal thing from home, other than my monkey:) I love everything you have done. Don't ever worry about me. Other than the homesickness at the beginning this has been the greatest thing of my life. I love it so much. Seriously no worries about Elder Farnworth.

17th So we aren't gonna be resigned! Well we won't know I will know for sure if I got my Visa by the end of this week! But If I get reassigned I get to email you right away so you will know!

Okay I love you so much . I'm gonna send more pictures so that is why this is so short. I love the package so much. You are a rockstar mom. I will TALK to you in a week!! Enjoy the pictures this place is a blast. 

Elder Farnworth
Setting up for Birthday party Kaleb planned for Teacher at MTC

Kaleb's favorite teacher in the MTC

Good friend Elder Ogden

The Danes

The sending of the Danes


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