Sunday, October 6, 2013

This is what I have learned from this week, attitude is EVERYTHING!

*We received this email on Saturday September 28th from the MTC.

So today was like the definition of bittersweet. We had the last classes that I will have here at the MTC. Saying goodbye to Brother Jorgensen was almost as hard as saying goodbye to you guys.. just kidding! But it was a super close second. We talked a ton and he is just the coolest guy I have met here. It all caught up to me rather fast today and it got super hard, but he took me into another room and we talked and it was really cool. He told me the coolest advice, (side note he had a super successful mission, converted a ton of people) he told me that he had a successful mission in his eyes, it was successful because he tried his best. He told me that even if I was the only person that was converted than my mission would be a success too! Then he told me that he knew that I was going to convert a lot of people. It is just so cool to have that experience where this people who I 100% look up to tell me that he believes that I can do this! It was up there with the coolest thing that has happened to me. 
Now for the pathetic part, I held it all together when I was saying goodbye! Then when he left I lost it all. It was literally like I said goodbye to you guys all over again! But I will see him again so it wasn't to sad, but it was so I don't know what to think. Ha Before he left in class we had a baptismal service for all the investigators that we got to the point of baptism. It was so awesome! I know the baptismal prayer in Swedish!!  It was so awesome. This place is awesome, a lot of missionaries are all getting negative and talking about how much they all want to leave and there is me, who starts crying when we talking about leaving. I am officially the most emotional Elder here. But I don't care, I love it. I have been talking a lot with this Elder from New York, such a cool guy and he broke his foot while he was here so he has to stay 2 weeks to let it heal, and he has been so positive about it. Of course he is bummed, but he looks at everything in every way. That is what I have learned from this week. Attitude is EVERYTHING! There are so many times in our lives we look at things and right away thing that this is a trial but if we turn our outlook around everything can be blessing!! I love that outlook. This has been a hard day and I could super sad to leave and be sad I said goodbye to my best friend OR I could see that I have to leave to bring the gospel to Sweden, and I could see that Brother Jorgensen will be there when I get back! This is an awesome chance for me grow!! I love the MTC!! I love my Mission!! This is God Work!!

My next letter will be from SWEDEN!!! Jag Älska Dig!!


Äldste Farnworth

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