Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweden is Like Disneyland!

My mission President is so cool. That was way awesome that he sent all that you so fast. I am so happy. SWEDEN IS LIKE DISNEYLAND! All the building are so cool and honestly look fake. It is so much fun being here, so yeah I am in Skövde. It's really cool. 

Stockholm is an amazing place seriously so beautiful. I have a few pictures that I will send to mom. My apartment is really nice super small but really nice. The shower is so nice so I am HAPPY! My companion is really nice and super helpful.

All the people here are so nice though! The members are so awesome and totally willing to help me with my Swedish so I really am blessed. 

The Lord is watching over me. He is very aware of what I need and I feel so blessed. What a blessing my mission has been.

Sweden is Disneyland for sure! It honestly think that Walt Disney came here and was like "Sweden is so amazing I am going to make it the theme of my park!" It is seriously so cool here. I can't even talk it all in! Skövde is so amazing to! It isn't as big as Stockholm but it is just as cool! 

Holy cow I love it here. Something that is awesome is that everyone here dresses up like a boss. Seriously though, EVERYONE. Like we are just walking home at night and some old lady is walking her dog and she has like all the latest clothes from H&M. Everyone is dressed up, most places having Missionaries always dressed up would make us stand out. No, most the time we are the ones under dressed! Crazy, the greatest thing is the kids. They dress like that are like 25 years old. I love it. Everyone is dressed up all the time! I love it. It is like amazing. Even at 9:30 at night you see something going to the store and it looks like they just got out of a fashion show. Serious amazing!

I seriously think America needs to figure some stuff out and me more like Sweden. I already love almost everything about Sweden! I don't like the cold. It. Is. Cold. I haven't seen the blue sky in a few days because it is always cloudy and cold. But the funny thing is that the Swedes don't even think this is cold! I see so many people working in the garden and stuff! Like the ground is frozen and they are just digging away. They are crazy. Something else I love: The Homes. Inside and out. On the outside they all look like Disneyland and on the inside... IKEA. Easily 98% of everything in these house is from IKEA. I love it, so if you are ever wondering what kind of place this is seriously just go to IKEA and walk around and you are basically in Sweden. It's awesome. 

My companion is Elder Olsen, he is from Arizona and is really nice. He helps me a ton. I really I am way lucky to have him as my trainer. The ward is so nice, whoops, it's not a ward it is a branch. There are only about 35 active members here and about half are kids. So that is fun. The members are really nice we haven't had church yet so I haven't met them all but the ones that I have talked to are really nice. Ahhh talking.. what an adventure that has been. Let me tell you something. The Swedish they teach you in the MTC and the Swedish they speak here, two different Languages. The Best Two Years describes it best when he says "What language what that, elder?" Pretty much my thoughts exactly the first time someone spoke to me. I am just started to kinda, sorta, not really understand people but I can already see the improvement in the Language thus far so I am very hopeful. 

Conference was seriously so good. I took like 10 pages or so of notes. What a blessing that was! So we watched the sessions like this: we watched the Saturday Morning on saturday night. Then Sunday we watched, just online, Priesthood and Saturday Afternoon. Then we watched the Sunday Morning one live at 6 pm here in the church! And no we weren't allowed to stay up last and watch the last one so we will just watch that on our own time sometime this week! But I really loved them all. I really loved President Monson address at the end of the Sunday Morning. His testimony is so strong and his love for his wife is so amazing. I can't really remember them all I need to study my note we watched about 8 hours in one day of them so they all kinda are messed up in my head. But I do remember that I had the question I thinking during answered so I can testify that the Lord speaks through Prophets. Just Amazing!

I am so happy all is well at home. All is well in Sweden! Such an amazing adventure this has and will be! It's hard to write a ton cause we just talked! I love you guys so much! 

Äldste Farnworth

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