Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Lucky Are We?

Editor’s Note: We found a webcam in Skovde and asked Elder Farnworth if he knew where it was. He said it was by where they go to email us. So we asked him to walk through the square and we saw 2 missionaries walk through it. Was awesome to see him (even if he looked like an ant in the webcam)

I am glad you were able to see me! That is funny that we were standing right in the right spot. We were there because of the sun! Needless to say it is getting so cold here – is it insane. I stay warm with my millions of layers but all the members keep telling me that this is warm! So I don't know if I will survive this winter.

This week was a hard week, With that said, it was also the best week that I have had! We taught some amazing lessons and it really just made the whole week so great! It's so cool to see that this gospel is something that I have had for so long and I love it when I am explaining the Plan of Salvation to someone and just see their eyes just light up because I just told them that they can be together forever and also that they can see their loved ones again. How lucky are we? 

So we talked about the Plan of Salvation and we got crafty. We don't have much to go off of, but we really wanted to have a visual for the lesson. So my companion thought I was dumb but I cut the cardboard back of my notebook into certain shape and outlined the plan. After it was all done, he told me he thought that is was really cool. I seriously am so lucky to have such a sweet companion. This week more than any other I feel like we are really becoming friends. It makes the work tons better. 

SO I don't know if you know this but today is OCTOBER 21. Which means I am at my 2 MONTH mark! This is so insane how fast the time is going by. I just don't even know what to think. This is going by so fast! I love it so much. So last night we had dinner with a member and I am not joking I felt like I was having dinner with the King and Queen of Sweden. It was amazing. They have this crazy nice house it was so beautiful. I really felt like royalty! Speaking of royalty, turns out I am royalty! We all are! I was doing Family History (WHICH I REALLY NEED THE NAMES AND INFO OF YOUR GRANDPARENTS PLEASE SEND THEM ASAP) and I was going back super far like to 190 AD and I found a man who was the King of a place in Finland. So that was freaking awesome. I am his 50th great grandson. So that's cool I guess.

This week was also just a ton of fun. I write a ton in my journal every night, so when I fill this one I will send it home and you can read about all the crazy things that happen every day! There is this lady in our ward who came up to us and randomly said that she wants to help us learn Swedish faster than we are. So she was like be here at 2:30 every Wednesday and we will have class. So I am super excited for that. The members here are so amazing, they all just want to help. They feed us a ton. And it is good. I am happy to say that I haven't had fish yet so I am happy about that. They eat a ton of normal things. This week I had: Homemade Chicken Nuggets, Meatloaf, Tacos, Tacos, and more Tacos! They LOVE tacos! So random but the way they make them are so good. So don't ever worry about me going hungry cause I promise I am not! I weight the most I ever have in my life last week. I think I got up to 131. Ahh!! But no one worry that was just a bad day and I am back down to 125 and loving it. We have a goal to run 3 times a week. It is so hard we wake up at 6:30 and get shorts on and go running in the freezing cold! I always tell him that I have the motivation of a hot shower. We run pretty fast. We usually run a 1 1/2 miles so we don't play around.

On Sunday, you be so proud! We made your pancakes! They were so good, and they made the apartment smell so good. It was just a great thing. Okay I think I have rambled on long enough. You are awesome mom! I am glad you guys had a good weekend! I am so happy you are happy, that makes it easier to be away! I love you and I love all that you have done for me! Remember that I am praying for you and I know you can do anything! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Äldste Farnworth

This is our cute little "Plan of Salvation" Kit. It's so awesome. It's
doesn't look like much but a TON of work went into this.
The Family said that they really loved it!
We took like pictures of the boy and girl faces and took
them through the plan. So awesome!
This is just a normal Swedish park. They are all like this. 
I I just walk through here like 5 times a day!

You could paint this mom!
This is just the most amazing views I have seen. This is just unreal
This amazing church that we went to! So cool. These church
are everywhere and that is something that I love the most. They are so cool!

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